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autumn gatherings

How I am shifting into the holiday season

I had a whole post in mind to share with you last weekend. A way to welcome the holiday season with a sense of presence + meaning. But, obviously, that didn’t happen. Never fear, though. That post is going to be shared (hopefully!) tomorrow…

5 Dec 2020
summer year summaries

How I am facing the second half of 2020

It’s been almost a month since my last post! How is that possible? Time just keeps on clicking by, days running into days, months into months, and this crazy year continues onward. My absence here has been due to a chaotic last 2 weeks…

13 Jul 2020
the moon

2020’s First New Moon calls forth our soul’s gifts

this year’s first new moon phase is like when you’ve let out a long, deep breath. it’s that empty, quiet pause of silence + nothingness. but it’s not nothing. it’s actually the preparation for something new. it is a moment of resetting so that…

26 Jan 2020
the moon

A new age arrives with 2020’s first full moon

welcome to not only a new year, but to a new age, my friends. and the first full moon of 2020 is ushering it all in with epic power + inspiration. right now, this lunar moment, is a turning point. a portal into what…

11 Jan 2020
year summaries

It’s 2020 and this year I mean business

Happy 2020, y’all! I’ve been feeling the energies of this year for a while now. They started creeping in during December and I am so excited to finally sit down + write about it all here. When I write something, it feels like it…

7 Jan 2020