How I did a simple home blessing + why it’s what we all need

My love and I want our new home to be a blessing to both us + to all who enter. And we want our home to be a place with a certain type of vibe and energy. Now, it’s no secret that I think that energy is an important part of life. Both the energy that we put out into the world + the energy that we soak up. And that energy can be found everywhere, I believe. In us and around us. We put out a certain vibe when we enter a room, and we feel a certain vibe when we meet or are around other people, am I right? But, we also feel the energy of a space.

Of course, it’s easy to feel if a place has a light, bright energy or if it has a depressing, dark energy based on how it looks. It’s a feeling that is evident upon entry. But, if you go a little bit deeper, pause + feel a little bit longer, then it’s possible to intuit a little bit more.

However, no matter the type of energy that is in a place, there’s always a good reason to clean + clear out the old, stagnant energy that has been around for a while. Even if it’s in your own home. But, especially if you move into a new space.

I know that some of this may sound a little woo woo for some of you, but just hang with me…

In the past few years, I’ve really gotten into the idea of cleaning + clearing the energy of a space. And this is most easily done with the changing of the seasons. I mean, we all like a good spring cleaning, right? The time to open up the windows, let in the fresh air, clean out all the stuff that has piled up during the winter, lighten up everything, and just get that all new fresh feeling. I actually have found that doing a cleaning, organizing, clearing out of old energy helps me to make the shift from one season to another all throughout the year. It is a ritual that marks the cycle of the seasons, the rhythm of nature, and offers a chance to bring that energy inside through cleaning, redecorating, adding seasonal touches in the rooms, and setting a mood to last all season long.

In addition to cleaning with the seasons, though, I also think that whenever we want to bring in a certain vibe, we can do that with a simple home blessing.

Now, that may sound like some kind of ceremony performed by a religious leader, and in some religions there are home blessing ceremonies. But, anyone can do this, y’all. All it takes is a little time and whatever you want to use to make your own ritual. And what you need for a ritual is totally up to you.

Since Lina + I have moved into a new apartment, I knew that I wanted to clear out the energy of the sweet family that lived here for a year before us. There’s not a bunch of old energy here since the building was first moved into in 2019, but still, it felt right to cleanse the space + prepare it for us. So, I spontaneously decided to do a home blessing one day last week when we were in the midst of cleaning and unpacking + putting up new furniture (also something we are super grateful to be able to do – buy new furniture)

I lit and candle + walked around the apartment. That’s pretty much it. As I moved through the apartment, I simply said a prayer/intention for each space, calling in the energy that I wanted for that space. Kind of like setting an intention. For example, near the front door, I set the intention that all who enter will feel welcome, accepted, and a sense of positivity.

Basically, what I am saying is that it is super easy to do a home blessing and to clear the energy in your home. All it really takes is mindful presence and a mindset. The magic is in the power of being present + setting an intention, of simply being aware. Of course, physically clearing out old things + cleaning up is also a powerful way to shift the energy. And lighting candles, using crystals, and burning incense simply add even more magic to the ritual.

So, if you have moved homes, if you are rearranging furniture (anther way to change up the energy of a space), if you are in the process of cleaning your home, or if the seasons are changing… take a little time to create your own home blessing. It is such a simple, yet powerful way to live in rhythm with nature, be present in the moment + tap into the energy that is all around.

Let me know if you have any questions, ideas, or even tips of your own. If you’d like for me to create a home blessing ritual for you… just leave me a comment and we can chat about it!

xoxo. liz.

One thought on “How I did a simple home blessing + why it’s what we all need

  1. I love this idea! We re-decorated our little home by the sea in North County Dublin, Ireland a few months before we even knew lock down was coming and I’m so glad we did! The change of energy was just what we needed. As we moved out old things we took a moment to thank the objects for whatever way they served us and then gratefully, recyelced, upcycled or gave it away. This was a very meaningful ritual for us, but I never thought to do a home blessing! I would love to hear your suggestions.

    You can check our our re-design on my friends insta – she helped me with the decor. The kitchen still needs a bit more work but what an improvement. Jessie, The Home Style Coach This is not intended as a plug for her but she is great 🙂

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