Redecorating As a Way to Celebrate the Seasons

I wouldn’t say that I’ve got spring fever, exactly. But, I do feel the shifting of the seasons. I see signs of the season ahead, while, at the same time, the season on its way out is still holding on. And, with all of those transitional seasonal vibes in the air, my love + I always seem to get a little antsy.

Now, I was raised by a mom that loved to mark the seasons + the holidays by decorating, rearranging, and creating a home that reflected + invited Mother Nature in. And my dad loved to celebrate the seasons, holidays, you name it. Anything that had to do with us gathering + being at home. So, my brother + I grew up with family traditions that have sunk deep into the marrow of who we are now. And, while neither of us have kids of our own; in many ways, we still hold on to those traditions… either by updating them to our own situations or coming back together whenever we can (mostly Christmas).

In any case, the changing of the seasons has always been just as important to me + my mom (and my love) as celebrating holidays. So, it’s no wonder that I live my life very intentionally by the seasons as an adult. For, in reality, I’ve always done just that.

my mom getting her holiday groove on.

And, in my married life, Lina + I have continued the tradition. It just feels right to follow the vibes in the air, to mark the changes happening in nature, and to prepare our home for the coming season.

So, last weekend that’s what we did! Lina suggested that we update + redecorate the living room back in January + I asked her if we could hold off until March in order to make it all fresh + new for spring, plus as a way to celebrate our 3 year anniversary of living in our little yellow villa in Uppsala.

The weekend came + went + we created a whole new vibe for our living room. It looks beautiful + we are so satisfied with the energy and vibes of the space. But, I must admit, I had my doubts when Lina presented her ideas. But, we talked it through. I opened my mind, trusted her thoughts, and then did a little research on my own. We came to an agreement, after sharing both of our opinions + thoughts, and the final result is absolutely perfect for us. And now I am dying to share with you what our living room now looks like!

But, first: a few before photos

Alright. That’s how it’s been throughout the past 3 years. And now, here’s the transformation process from last weekend. We gathered everything in the living room + went through it all. Then, Lina worked on putting together all of the new stuff + I went to Ikea to get finishing touches! When I came home, the furniture was all in place + and all we had left was the fun stuff – decorations!!!

And now…

There you go! What do you think about it all, friends? The thing I was having a hard time with when Lina shared with me her ideas was that it was going to be so white. But, oh how I love it. White, neutral, natural, and green. The look is inspired by nature + it is the perfect blend to create a boho minimalist look that merges our two unique styles. You should come + visit + check it out!

Alright. I’m off to enjoy the rest of my Sunday now – it’s St. Patrick’s Day, so a couple of pints of Guinness are absolutely on tap. See what I did there? Hehe.

Love to you, wild souls. xoxo. liz.

Just so you know… the things we purchased were:

a second sofa

covers for our current sofa so the 2 sofas would match

pillow covers


plant babies

4 thoughts on “Redecorating As a Way to Celebrate the Seasons

  1. I love both, the before and after decor. They are both beautiful but the after looks more cozy to me. I’ve always loved both styles, boho and minimalist. I don’t know that I could have thought of a way to combine them so you two get gold stars for creativity! I love it!

    1. Thank you, Tracy!! So glad you like it! The cozy factor was what I was worried about, but it totally worked out! The whole style kind of like our marriage… we’re so different and yet so similar. Uniquely matched. And I’m grateful everyday for my home – bot my physical space and my dear wife. What a blessed life I lead and I do not take it for granted. xoxo

  2. What a great melding of two styles of two people. I love how you took your past design and added more depth and more complexity, while still keeping to a design aesthetic. As always, great. 🙂

    Good and healing thoughts to yous.


    1. Thank yous! We are so loving the change. It feels warm + simple at the same time. A much needed spring update! Take care, lovely yous. xoxo

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