How nature’s call to rest heals my body + my soul

“rest”. i heard my body say. “rest.” and so i did.

suffering from a  late summer cold, i am home from work today. i never stay home from work. like never. but, then again, i’m actually not sick that often. (knock on wood).

monday afternoon, however, i felt it coming on. and i pushed through tuesday. but by tuesday night, it wasn’t good. i knew i needed to press pause.

as i’ve grown in wisdom of my body/soul/nature connection through the years, i become more aligned + in touch with that universal flow through all of nature + the cosmos. i’ve become more aware of the importance of listening to the little things my body, my soul, and nature whisper to me.

right now, body is talking. so i’m listening.

and, when i slow down + feel the flow, it actually makes perfect sense why i’m home sick today.

new germs from a new school year + new students. yep.

the dark moon phase just before a new moon + new intention. uh huh.

the hectic pace of the past 3 intense weeks after vacation has subsided. totally.

the shifting of the seasons from summer to autumn. happening now.

and the ending of august + arrival of sweet september. yesssss.

what i am feeling + understanding is that it is a transition week. a gateway or threshold week. and my body, in her loving way, told me to slow down + pay attention. to rest. to not run myself ragged. to stop stressing. to care for myself. to let everything connect in the way that it is meant to: all of nature, including me, receiving + sharing messages of wholeness. allowing myself to tap into the energy of this week. and to know that it is how evolution, enlightenment, and empowerment happen.

anytime i feel sick, i know that my dear physical body is encouraging me to take it slow + to look inward. body needs to catch up with soul + spirit.

it sounds all crazy + woo woo, i know. but, we must admit, we are a part of nature. so it is only natural that it is all connected. that’s just science. it truly is. and the messages + insights we receive from our body, mind, soul, and spirit are no less real than the science of it all. they are the intuitions we feel, the spirituality we connect to, and theology (of whatever form one wishes) that give us universal messages of truth.

for example, there’s no denying that sunsets symbolize endings. or sunrises beginnings. that the moon ebbs + flows just as a woman’s body. that the sun brings forth life + the seasons literally show us the cycle of life. it’s all connected. we are all connected. and there is much to be learned by living a life in tune with nature. it’s a life of both observing nature + intuiting meanings to everyday, natural occurrences. true spirituality + theology are found in the midst of everyday, natural life. it’s how we can turn a stupid cold into a lesson in slowing down + the changing of the seasons.

so, understanding + hearing when one’s body says rest…that it’s time to rest, not only to receive the healing needed to bring the body back in balance + to get rid of a cold; but, to also ponder the bigger, cosmic, universal messages that just might be able to heal us + teach us as well is a powerful, life changing practice.

and, while today, i am here, sharing my bed with zola the cat, i am caring for my body + my soul at the same time. i am resting as i try to breathe through a stuffed up head, cough from deep in my chest, and feel the burn of a sore throat + pain of swollen glands. but, i am also ever so grateful for my body for letting me know that i need a pause, if only for a day, to let some things sink in + to regain some focus + strength as the seasons march on +my 45th birthday approaches.

so, today, i rest. i heal my body + my soul. and i give thanks for all of the symbolism  + inspiration that is found even in a sick day.

hope you’re feeling well, lovelies. xoxo. liz.

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