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We were made for this: My Corona Diaries

We were made for a time like this. Things are changing. A shift has occurred. And we are embarking on a new phase. My mind, my soul, my spirit can hardly keep up. I feel a sense of desperate urgency + a call for…

6 Jun 2020

How nature’s call to rest heals my body + my soul

“rest”. i heard my body say. “rest.” and so i did. suffering from a  late summer cold, i am home from work today. i never stay home from work. like never. but, then again, i’m actually not sick that often. (knock on wood). monday…

28 Aug 2019

i just can’t stop.

it’s gonna be a big year. exciting. potentially dream-making. i have no idea how, i just know it. if you don’t understand what i’m saying. it’s ok. neither do i. it’s just a feeling i have. intuition. i just know that, come what may,…

4 Jan 2013