i don’t wanna miss out.

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time is flying by. i won’t say how many days we have left in the states, but it is not many. sure, we’ve been here for a while, but it feels like we got here yesterday. you know, i’m not quite ready to return home. i’ve got some more restless wanderlust inside me. and i don’t wanna leave my american family & friends yet.

however, i am thankful beyond belief that we have has so much time here. and i have been soaking it all up, believe me. i am not taking one teeny weeny thing for granted. i promise.

so, time may be slipping away, but there are more positive things i can focus on as well:

  1. 1. my bed at home will feel amazing (even though my room here is super cozy).
  2. 2. i can’t wait to get some zola love (our cat). we miss her terribly.
  3. 3. there are a few days left of adventures here in the mountains with people we love. plenty more memories to make!
  4. 4. there are people we love waiting for us in sweden, as well, and we can’t wait to see them!
  5. 5. we have some seriously amazing trips, which will seriously fill my wandering soul, booked for this spring. travel cravings satisfied.

the fact that there is so little time left only serves to remind me to live in the moment, to enjoy everything & everyone around me. and not only today, but every single day of this crazy life journey. the sadness & anxiety of leaving inspires me to live… to truly live. to not spend my moments obsessing over what is to come, or stuck in what has been, but to embrace right now & all the beauty that it brings. it’s not an easy thing to do, but i’m working on it. and more than anything, i don’t ever wanna miss out on all the joy, laughter, craziness, and amazing moments this life has to offer.

blessings of peace & adventure to you!

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  1. “the sadness & anxiety of leaving inspires me to live… to truly live” :

    You have given me something to think about 🙂 It’s great to read about how you handle the tough emotions. I’ve been working on a sort of paradigm shift where I’m rethinking how I’ve dealt with my emotions in the past. I’ve often dwelled in them, rather than be motivated by them. By the way, don’t feel obligated to respond to all my comments. I know there have been a lot. haha. I am just now catching up on the posts of yours I’ve missed due to it being busy over here.

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