I found love on Midsummer’s Eve: Songs for Days 170 – 176

Summer is really truly here. Who’s excited? Hands up! To honor this season, I’d like to take this week to share how I celebrated the arrival of the season of warmth, sunshine, free-spirited feelings, and self-care. And how Midsummer has come to mean so much to me… especially this year.

So, I am going to do this post a little differently. Instead of sharing my usual photo + a song for each day this past week, I’m just gonna smush (that’s a word, right?) together all of the songs and the days into one paragraph. All of the songs have a sunny, summer, lazy, fun theme to them anyway, so it’ll be perfect. No need for me to explain what I was thinking on each of these certain day, as I was thinking: summer. summer. and summer. Oh, and a new moon. So, that’s what the songs are all about. And, just as soon as I share with you this week’s songs, I’m gonna post a crapload of Midsummer photos – ‘cuz I have ALOT. Hehe. But, first… the music!

Welcome to week 25’s Midsummer songs:

Day 170: Monday 19 June  // Belly of June – Horse Feathers

Day 171: Tuesday 20 June  // The Longest Day – Megafaun

Day 172: Wednesday 21 June  // Summer Solstice – Moonlit Sailor

Day 173: Thursday 22 June  // I Will Remain – Matthew And The Atlas

Day 174: Friday 23 June  // Luna Lovers – Las Cafeteras

Day 175: Saturday 24 June  // Summertime – The Head and the Heart

Day 176: Sunday 18 June  // Every Time the Sun Comes Up – Sharon Van Etten

The story of why I love Midsummer – especially this one

I met Lina for the very first time on a Midsummer weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden. This past week, on Midsummer’s Eve (Friday), we were having breakfast at home, when we suddenly realized that it was TEN years ago that we had that first Midsummer celebration together. It’s so hard to believe that so much time has passed. And, we have truly created a life together over the past 10 years.

To celebrate, we decided to take a little adventure out to a village on the east coast just north of us. So, we packed a few picnic goodies = strawberries + beer. Because that’s how we roll. Crammed some blankets into our backpacks, strapped on our cameras, and headed off to the bus stop.

After a jam-packed, sweltering hour and a half bus ride, we arrived to the little village of Öregrund in the early afternoon and found our way to the town churchyard where the Midsummer pole was just about to be raised. Doesn’t it just sound idyllic? Well, it pretty much was. Excited that we’d made it just in time, we climbed a rock, spread out our blankets, and joined a huge crowd ready to officially welcome the summer season with the traditional raising of the Midsummer pole.

What follows are a ton of photos from our day in this adorable seaside village. It was the perfect way to celebrate summer + our love.

After the pole was up, the singing was done, and the dancing was danced, everyone left the area to continue their Midsummer celebrations. Some went home for dinner, coffee, and games. Some went to restuarants. And some, like us, made their way to the coastline to sit by the water. Drinking of wine and beer and shots was fun that was pretty much had by all.

Lina + I wandered through the tiny streets – it took all of about 5 minutes to walk everywhere – and headed down to the harbor. After strolling by the boats, we settled on a rock right by the water’s edge. Facing out into the Baltic Sea. Pretty much perfection.

Over here, summer has started off quite well. And, there is much more to come – especially when Lina and I head off for vacation! For now, though, I’ll leave you with a link to the playlist, so you can join in and listen to my songs of the year. A new one is added every day – did you know that?!

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Happy Sunday, out there! Here’s to a great week for us all!

xoxo. liz.


4 thoughts on “I found love on Midsummer’s Eve: Songs for Days 170 – 176

    1. Thank you! My mom liked it best too! I promised her that I’d get a print so she can frame it. 🙂 When we took the photo with the self-timer, I had NO IDEA what the camera was pointed at exactly. It was so sunny that I couldn’t see the screen. Haha! But, it worked!

      1. I love those rare moments when the camera surprises me by taking the perfect shot! Was it a regular camera or phone? It looks like it was taken with a camera but phones take some pretty nice ones now too!

        1. Most of the photos are with my camera, a Panasonic Lumix GM1. A few are with my iPhone. 🙂 Yes, phone cameras have really stepped up their game!

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