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to be of use

Today is the last day for students at the high school where I work as a mentor/coach/counselor. I can hardly believe that it has been more than six months since I started working there. My experiences in the past have always been that spring…


telling my story of faith + exclusion and the rebellious act of being me

i am sitting on my couch in my home, the home that i am so amazingly blessed to own with my wife, watching the clouds disperse outside my living window. the sun is beginning to peek out and shine brightly. it’s early evening, almost…


the week that was like a mini summer break // 18 (week #5 of becoming a life coach)

you guys, mother nature brought summer to sweden this past week. it was pure perfection. and i may even be a little sun-tired right now. but, oh how glorious it has been. good thing that the weather was great, because i had a ton…