i’ll bet you didn’t know this.


i’m pretty good with technical things around the house. yep.

today’s photo challenge was to reveal something that people might not know about me; and, in honor of the new tv we bought, i thought i’d take a picture in the middle of my technical process this afternoon. i successfully attached everything, hooked everything up, and connected everything… so now we’ve got an awesome tv in the bedroom. so excited!

and tonight is the premiere tv event. all of us under the covers, window open, rain falling down outside, and something good on the tube. cozy, if i do say so myself.

nighty night. peace.

p.s. pics from the weekend coming soon!

0 thoughts on “i’ll bet you didn’t know this.

  1. Isn’t it fun to read directions and successfully put hardware together so that it works! Good job, Liz!

    1. Directions, Barb? Oh, I forgot to mention that i have no time for directions… I just jump in & go for trial and error. Hehe!

  2. Well now~ nothing more attractive than a woman who knows her electronics- lol…My personal best was hooking up a TV, an AU PS3, old Xbox & Wii (US 110v, so they go through a step-down power convert too), and a 6 + sub. speaker system to a Pioneer AVR (audio video amp). Whew! The hardest part was getting the amp to go through it’s speaker set up program- took ages. Yes, like you, I was proud & excited. Enjoy your cozy little den!

    1. wow, now i’m the one impressed by a techie chick. you go girl! sounds like you know your way around the electronic world. 😉

  3. Wow, you’ve come a long way from the girl who set her microwave on fire. Good for you! Hope your evening was fabulous!

    1. thank’s kim! i must admit that i believe i have blocked that memory… what the heck?! i set it on fire?! oh, poor little, innocent, awkward college me. 😉

      and my evening was indeed fab! thanks for commenting! so much fun!

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