geez. what’s the deal with blogging? i am having precisely the same problem that a blog friend of mine is having… plenty of words, but they won’t come out. i have a list (literally a written list now) of things i would love to blog about, but it’s not happening. a list of world events, dreams, reflections, inspirations. and my life… well, compared to a lazy, luxury trip to greece, my life is busy and pretty much full of ordinary things right now. just ordinary days. i usually find so much extraordinary stuff in the ordinary stuff, but i’m finding it, i’m seeing & experiencing it, but i can’t seem to write about it write now. do you follow me? things are good. things are rolling along. things are busy. things are even amazing. but, the words aren’t coming… what’s even worse is that the pictures are not coming either. gaaahh. what to do…

i know that i just need to be patient. the right words will come at the right times. they always do. they just spill out of me and onto my keyboard, and end up here. and it’s always just what i need… all of it gushes out of me, cleansing my brain, clearing out my soul, leaving me feeling light and free and as bright as the sunshine. this is why i write. i write because i can do nothing else. i write to be free. and when i write, i go from a dark jumbled mess inside to something that looks like me twirling in a field of wildflowers or riding on my dad’s boat with the sun shining and the wind whipping through my hair and on my face. i write so that i can breathe.

and right now, i feel a little bit restless, like it’s hard to breathe. thoughts jumbled up everywhere. fidgety. am i making any sense?

i just need to write.

but, instead of writing (yes. i know that i have written here.), i am going to show you some pictures. from my cozy sunday… here ya go. and beware! the words are coming soon. mouahahaha!!!

this is the church where i work. every sunday morning i have a fantastic walk in the morning through the city. there are not many people out on sunday morning, so it’s a peaceful, quiet walk. and every morning that i take this solitary walk, i am reminded of the amazing fact that i live here. i am filled with joy & i find myself walking with a smile on my face; thinking things like… who would have ever thought? i can’t believe i actually live here. i’m going to my job i have a job in another country after only living here for one year. crazy!), where i speak another language, in a church. oh how long i waited for this. but, it’s so worth it to follow your dreams. oh my gosh, it is a beautiful morning! just look at the sunshine coming through the trees! and these old buildings, all different colors. amazing. i never could have imagined how unbelievably happy i am!

and here i am. work is done. i’m bundled up (yes. it’s cold here now) & am i off to meet lina for some time at our favorite cafe in town….

lina, my love. just enjoying and being.

on the way home we stopped to buy magazines. a rare thing for us to do, since they are so expensive here. but, we picked up some things to inspire us… interior design, homes, philosophy, and a celebrity weekly (no magazine collection is complete without one!). the rest of the day has been spend with said magazines between us on the sofa as we peek through the pages and take turns sharing what we see that we love.

seriously. could any other sunday afternoon be any better?

peace and inspiration. ♥

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