rainbow books.

one day last week lina said that she wanted to rearrange the books on our bookshelf… by color. what a fun idea! so, last night, when we had some time we did it. ok. she really did it… i ended up chatting with my cousin on skype. but i was in the room. and i did arrange some of the books by color on the floor… anyway. it’s done. and i think it looks pretty fantastic! thanks to my love, our books are now art!

and today is the perfect day for reading. it’s freezing cold outside, gray, and monday. now, if only i could remember what color the book i am reading was… hehe.


0 thoughts on “rainbow books.

  1. My only problem with this idea is that you separate the books of a series and I hate doing that. You’ve got the Harry Potter books on 4 different shelves in this picture (the bindings of those books are very distinct if you know what you’re looking for). If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re separating a series, I’d be all for the idea (and it does look pretty cool).

  2. The bookshelf does look pretty cool! As someone who has worked in libraries, and who is a concrete sequential thinker most of the time, I would have to tear out whole sections of my brain before I would allow this to happen to my books, though.

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