It’s the simple moments that make the best holiday

It’s always so surreal traveling between countries. Suddenly, I find myself in my home state, with my family and memories of my old life all around me. And then, just as abruptly, I pop back into my everyday life in Sweden, often wondering if those holiday moments were just a lovely dream. But they were real. It did happen. And, even though it feels like forever ago, only a few days have passed.

I guess all of the shock + jet lag of it all has kept me busy, plus I went right back to work, so it’s been a few days since I’ve been here on the blog. Though, I have been wanting to share photos + soak in all of my holiday memories. But, these January days are already flying by + I am desperately trying to sink deep into the continued slow winter vibes that this season offers.

But, little by little, over the last few days, I carved out a tiny bit of time here + there to get together tons of photos from my holiday trip to North Carolina. So, I put them all together here, mostly to document them for myself, but also to share with you a bit of what my holidays at home was like: family time, food, mountains, trees, friends, more family, more food.

Yes, it was exciting to travel back to the States for the holidays. And I’m so blessed that I get to call countries home, giving me the chance to travel back + forth quite often. But, it was all of the little things, the tiny moments, the quiet, soft, slow, simple times that we shared that made the deepest, most beautiful memories.

It truly was a lovely, wonderful simple holiday. One of the best, as my dad has said. And I soaked it aaaaallllll in. It’s hard to be back here in Sweden, honestly. At the same time, it’s good to be home. And, now, I have this post that I can look back on whenever I want to remember that it’s not about the bells + whistles + grand gestures.

It’s about mornings with candles. Coffee around the kitchen table. Bird watching. Grocery store trips. Dinner out. Getting dressed at noon. Watching cable news. Laughing + giggling. Waterfalls + rivers. Good food + beer. Friends. Conversations. Family. Family. Family.

I sure do hope that you had a good holiday too. And, even more than that, I hope that your 2019 is starting off slowly, with vibes of magic + love, and filled with the simplest moments which are making you some beautiful memories.

This is life, sacred souls. This is life. xoxo. liz.

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