let’s get this party started

well, time is moving quickly + there’s much to be done! my love + i returned home from washington, dc last night after a fantastic little holiday. the first thing we did was unpack our stuff, throw it all in the dirty clothes hamper, and then lit some candles + crawled into bed. we were super tired from a 10 hour trip by way of charlotte to drop off lina’s parents. but a little cozy time together was just what we need to wind down. we knew that this would be pretty much our last “normal” night at home, so we soaked it up.


this morning, we hit things full speed ahead. i got a tip about a job to apply for in sweden, so i got all wrapped up in preparing an application and my cv/portfolio for that, and then it was time to sort + organize + pack. it was a madhouse here. but, we got a ton done, and i’d say that we are in a pretty good place – packing-wise. my parents helped out greatly by getting us some lunch + my mom packed away some kitchen things i am saving at their place.

the packing went well, but my emotions have not gone so well. i had a meltdown at one point. tears have been common, as have been moments of panic inside of me – like i’m about to climbs the walls. i’m more than certain, however, even with my emotions all crazy, that this is the right move for us to make. even though it hurts so much.

i can feel big things bubbling beneath the surface, great moments + opportunities on the horizon, and a chance to grow + learn + become in ways that i cannot even begin to imagine.

when i feel totally overwhelmed, though, and need to remind myself of this security + excitement that i feel, it always helps for me to turn my eyes to the sky. and tonight’s sunset was exactly the reminder that i  needed after a wacky, busy day like today.

i’ll have to look at the sky a a lot over the nest 2 weeks, i believe.

tomorrow is when the shit really hits the fan, though. in the morning, bright and early, the movers come to inventory and package and take away all of the stuff we are shipping to sweden. i have to take zola the cat to the vet, and people come to pick up the furniture that they are buying. in the evening, though, we’re taking a little break to see our dear friends in concert here in asheville. local music. friends. beer. a perfect way to end another upcoming intense day. the rest of the weekend will be more packing of furniture that people come to get, moving over to my brother’s apartment, and turning in our keys here. but…. before we turn in our keys, we’re having one last big party in our practically empty apartment on saturday night. and i cannot wait.

so, with a little mixing of fun + business + sky-gazing, i am certain that i will make it through this weekend. but, it’s gonna be a super crazy one. guess i’ll be tapping into my word of the year a bunch over the next 3 days: feeling empowered!

here’s to wishing you a great weekend, friends!

onwards + upwards! xo

6 thoughts on “let’s get this party started

  1. Oh wow liz, I’m so excited for you! And I can sense the trepidation ever so slightly but the excitement overrides!
    Enjoy dearest!!

    1. You are so right, Holly, in your feelings of my feelings. 🙂 And, as you know that we both try to do, I am just living in and soaking up every single little feeling I have. Thanks for your love! xo

  2. Good luck for all the stuff that is coming up! Have a wonderful, crazy weekend!

    1. Thanks, dear Gesine! It’ll be a great weekend from here on out! I can’t wait until we can see each other again soon!!

  3. Oh wow, I haven’t been keeping up with your blog in ages. Seems like there’s lots going on in your life right now. I just wanted to wish you good luck with your upcoming move. I can totally understand your emotions, but I’m sure everything will turn out fine and right in the end. I’ll make sure to pop by more often in the future and hopefully I’ll be able to get back into blogging, too. I haven’t written a post in ages, but I was just too focussed on other things (we’re having a baby in May). 🙂

    1. Congratulations to you! How exciting!I’m sure that your life is undergoing lots of changes as well. Thank you so much for reaching out to me and commenting, so that we can stay connected. And, who knows, I’ll be way closer to Germany now, so we may be able to meet up one day. 🙂 Stay in touch! xoxo

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