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i have decided to do a monthly photo challenge for 2015. yep the whole entire year. (it’s not as dangerous or time-consuming as it sounds. hehe). i absolutely love photography, and i have a goal to grow even more as a photographer in the upcoming year. i’m thinking about being more creative + setting up photo shoots + improving my composition + photo editing skills. for christmas, i even got an amazing little lens for my iPhone, so i want to really work with iphoneography as well. in any case, this challenge will be just one more way that i can keep freshening up my skills and becoming a better photographer. plus, it’s just pure fun taking photos, right?

the challenge is called ten on ten. and it’s super easy. so, if you want to join in, here’s how it goes:

on the 10th of each month, just grab your camera or iPhone and take 10 photos throughout the day. then, share them on your blog, or flickr, or facefbook, or instagram. wherever you wish. the idea is to pay attention to the beauty and simplicity and joy of the everyday. that’s it! see how easy it is? it’s just committing to photographing 10 moments one day out of every month. this is a challenge than any of us can handle.

so, grab your camera and get to snapping! today’s the 10th!! i’ll post my photos from today tonight before i go to bed. happy saturday! happy ten on ten!

onwards + upwards!

7 thoughts on “a photo challenge for 2015 | ten on ten

  1. Hi Liz, I did my 10 pics (even though I’m a day late!) looking forward to the this fun challenge each month. Hope everything is going smoothly with the move. Wishing you all the best. Luv Dayna xx

  2. I’ve done this once on my blog. Check it out under “Photo Projects”. It was really fun! It’s one of my favorite posts I made — it made me look at my life differently. I keep forgetting to do it again! Enjoy!

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