love in the legislature.

good morning! first, let me say, thanks for all of your responses to my “rally in raleigh” post! it has been an amazing show of support!!

i’m in a hurry this morning, running late, as usual. hehe. but, i want to share with you all an article about what was happening inside legislature (part of NC’s government) while the Rally in Raleigh was going on outside. inside, there were fair-minded people standing up for love. talking, debating, and sharing their personal stories of discrimination. outside, as you read yesterday, people gathered to draw lines, put up barriers, and seek ways to be exclusive, marginalizing all LGBT people and calling for them to remain second-class citizens.

but, there is hope. and it was found in the middle of the legislature yesterday, in the voices of many lawmakers and religious leaders who stood up for equality and love.

read the article here

and keep spreading the love! 

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