March’s blue moon of balance + perspective

This blue moon is a wild, beautiful, doozy of a full moon, lovely souls. It’s got me feeling all the feels and speaking straight to my libra soul. Have you felt off balance lately like me? Well, actually, I haven’t felt off balance, but it feels like everything + everyone has been off balance around me. But, with this blue moon, it’s time to realign it all, find our centerpoint again, and settle into a place of interdependence, cooperation, and coexistence.

At one point this week, it felt like the topsy, turvy, super emotional, intense vibes all around me just might pull me under. But, every morning, I was literally determined to ground myself + to carry that centered, balanced feeling that I get during my morning routine with me, throughout the day. You see, it wasn’t just me that needed the balance, but everyone around me seemed to need it as well. So, I consciously told my soul to carry me. I set my intention to take each moment as it came. Slowly + calmly. I wanted to be that strong, center, safe spot in the midst of it all.

Believe it or not, I tend to get wound up when I get stressed out, or when others around me feel stressed out or worried or angry or bring any kind of negative energy. I often soak up what others are feeling. But, this week, I decided that I wouldn’t absorb the emotions + energy of others. Instead, I would continually return to my space of balance + center + grounding. In staying slow, breathing deep, and remaining present in every single moment, I found it much easier to offer a feeling of calm energy to my environment – including to myself.

So, under the light of this special, magical blue moon – the second blue moon already in 2018! – it’s the perfect time to pause for a moment, and to check in + take inventory. Are you on track or off balance? Take a breath and allow yourself to become aware of the thoughts, behaviors, and patterns in your life. Are you living the life that you want? Or have you somehow lost sight of who you are, what you want, and just been plugging along from day to day on autopilot?

Now is the perfect time to hit the reset button. To consider the balance of your life… the thoughts you think + the actions you take. And, if you see that life is a bit of balance somewhere, then simply begin by changing your thoughts. Think differently. Adjust your attitude. And, before you know it, your actions will begin to follow suit. And, finally, your life will fall back into balance.

Changing my thoughts is exactly what I did this week. I realized that I almost always get wound up because other people are wound up, even when deep in my soul I feel grounded. Still, I’m so sensitive to others’ feelings and moods and energy, that it messes my own feelings, mood, and energy up.

But, for some reason, since it felt extra chaotic this week at times, I realized + decided that it was up to me to be the change. It was up to me to be the peace + the calm. So, I did. I changed my mind. I stayed present. And I succeeded in remaining present + steady as the winds blew around me.

Oh, I’m damn exhausted now. But, just as the universe always provides what we need, I am right at the beginning of a 5 day weekend. The perfect time to sink deep into myself + restore my own sense of grounding and balance.

Of course, this is something that I believe that we must do over + over again. Perhaps we could even use every full moon for the rest of the year as a monthly check in on our balance and illuminate all the shit that keeps blocking us from finding balance and living the life that we want to live.

The key thing that this weekend, and this full blue moon, offer us is a chance to slow down + rise above. To see the higher perspective. When it feels like all the sides are swinging back + forth continuously, up + down, high + low, and topsy turvy, one of the ways to remain balanced is to gain perspective. To slow down, move gracefully + slowly + intentionally through it all. To remember that there is a much bigger picture than just this one moment. We may not see or understand or know what the hell is going on in this moment, but, trusting in the unfolding of it all, trusting in the journey, trusting in dark + the light, trusting in the process, that’s where we find balance.

Last night, as the moon was coming into her fullest, I made my way to my spirit tree and rock. The sunset was incredible. The air was crisp, fresh, cold. The sky, a pallet of pastels. And the moon, big, clear, and beautiful. I hugged my tree and then climbed the rock, immediately feeling the calm, centering power of the moon. I remembered that bigger perspective. I released all of the messiness from this past week. And I stood there. Alone. Realigning my spirit. Soaking in wisdom, peace, and magic. Committing, once again, to living a life of balance. Within my own soul + with all around me.

Get outside tonight, if you can. Or stay inside. But, whatever + wherever you are, let March’s full blue moon guide you toward more balance in your life.


Full blue moon magical blessings, wild ones. xoxo. liz.



2 thoughts on “March’s blue moon of balance + perspective

  1. I felt off-balance for a short time, but it seemed to really hang over other people I am closest to. I too absorb other people’s energy and mood. I’ve caught myself without for it all to be back to normal so yeah, it’s definitely a thing right now. Reminding ourselves to work on being grounded is so important.

    1. Is there anything you do to help yourself try to stay balanced + not absorb everything from everyone all around you? I’d love to hear from someone else. 🙂

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