meditation mondays: just start

hello, out there! i’m writing to you from a cozy spot on the sofa in my brother’s back apartment this morning. what that means is that we’re all moved out from our sweet little home + into our temporary asheville digs in the middle of downtown. we’ll be here until sunday – when we pile up in the car + drive to new york to fly out to sweden on monday. so, basically. one. week. left.


today, i feel much better than yesterday. yesterday, we hit our moving and emotional limits i think. lina had it a bit worse, i believe. it wasn’t that there was so much to do, it was that it was the ending of our home there. i suppose though, it all started with waking up + knowing that we had just spent our last night in our home. and then, it just got more + more challenging – emotionally.


but, we powered on through. and even set aside time for a yummy brunch at a favorite place with some good friends.


then, it was back to work. my brother took our bed to my parents’ place. we thought we’d keep the bed in storage… for that mountain cabin that we are going to get just as soon as we can afford it. yep. we dream big. we took a few loads of things to a donation station to give away. cleaned the apartment at my brothers. and then, we took the rest of everything that was left, out piece by piece, and we moved the cat over to this apartment with us.

we settled in last evening, all 3 of us, and just sat. stunned. exhausted. but, somewhat happy. zola explored her new little home, while lina and i sipped on beer, ate chips, and watched some things on our computers. then, we crawled into the bed. all of us. and passed out.


this morning, i woke, feeling freaked out and excited all at the same time. there are still a lot of errands to run, accounts to close, a car to sell, apartment keys to turn in. gaaaah. but, it’ll all work out and be ok. i stumbled across this quote this morning, and thought i’d use it as my meditation for this monday. and, i thought i’d also share it with you. so, whatever you are doing today. whatever you face. whatever you are beginning or ending or dreaming about, this is for you. all of you, out there. my dear readers.


start now. start where you are. start with fear. start with pain. start with doubt. start with hands shaking. start with voice trembling but start. start and don’t stop. start where you are, with what you have. just… start.

onwards + upwards! xoxo

6 thoughts on “meditation mondays: just start

  1. I got chills reading your blog… can feel the up and down you must have felt leaving your beautiful apartment. Everythingis going so fast right now. That means we’ll soon meet up 🙂 But first:all my love, energy and sunshine to you!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, dear friend! It really is up and down like crazy here. But, good thibgs are ahead. And we can’t wait to see you!

  2. I am sending so much love your way! Things will be alright, no matter what. I want to thank you for all of your words, for your hugs, and for your friendship. Please kiss Zola and hug Lina for me. ♥

    1. Thank you, Shayla for all of your energy and love. And i am so grateful for your friendship too. I wish you all of the best as you begin your own adventures! Love and hugs from us back to you. xoxo

  3. Oh you’ve got all sorts of up ups and downs u can feel it. I guess though I’ve had lots of moves in my life, they’re never transatlantic so the distance etc had never impacted. Yes I’ve missed places I’ve lived, tarts natural, but they are still just places… Toy can’t go back in time after all. I guess maybe this is more emotional than usual as you probably had in mind you’d be at your place quite a while longer??!!
    Alas, this was meant to be your way!
    Enjoy your week, xx

    1. You are completely right. We did not plan on moving anywhere this soon, so our Asheville time was cut short. But, as you say, I am certain that this is the right thing at the right time. I am a huge lover of moves and starting over and adventures, and have moved alot all of my life. But, yes, these across the ocean trips are tough. The tough part being you don’t have the option to just go and visit if you would like to. Moving in state or in country means it is always just a car ride away. It is always possible, even if it is not easy. But, there’s way more commitment and planning when oceans and planes and continents are involved. Still… I’d choose this nomadic life over any stationary one, for sure! xo

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