meditation mondays: the girl + the sea

“In still moments by the sea life seems large-drawn and simple. It is there we can see into ourselves.” ― Rolf Edberg

what is it about the sea? that mysterious, powerful, peaceful, ferocious, wild sea? is it because it is a perfect balance of untamed freedom + calming stillness? what is it about the sea that makes me feel so alive and connected and in complete speechless awe? why do i always stand by the sea and feel so huge + so tiny, so important + so insignificant, so connected + so alone all at the the same time?

it simply must be that mystical, magical, ancient connection that we have to it. that sense of living life truly as it is meant to be: a journey through ups + downs, rough times + peaceful times. and it’s constant presence. the feeling that the sea has been around since the beginning. there’s history and spirit and power and life in her waters. and what a privilege it is so simply gaze across her to the horizon far away. what comfort + adventure she provides all at the same time.

yes, i cannot live without being able to feel her waters. or sail on her waves. and breathe her fresh, salty air. i don not live right beside her, but when i can, i visit her shores or ride her waves and i remember who i am. i give thanks for her life-giving qualities. for her range of emotions. and for the balance that she brings to my life + the entire planet.


my family grew up by the sea. my ancestors were the first to land + live in the US, after crossing her mighty atlantic waters in 1620. more ancestors lived on her coastline, loving her beauty + warning coming sailors of her rough + dangerous north carolina shore in the mid 1800s. i myself have returned to her again + again with my family throughout my entire so that i might be inspired to continue the life of adventure + journey that my ancestors began.

the sea is in my soul. a symbol of sailors + seamen sits permanently on my left ring finger reminding me to sail on. to journey on. to adventure on. to let my life + my family’s life become a life inspired + sustained + balanced + anchored by the sea.

i have many places in nature that inspire me + make me feel connected… where do you find inspiration in nature? what places are powerful to you? share with me!

onwards + upwards! xoxo

2 thoughts on “meditation mondays: the girl + the sea

  1. What a beautiful meditation on the sea, Liz. I’ve always had a connection to open water too and feel like the ocean’s rhythm is like a heartbeat — a sign of life and its way of connecting with us, reminding us that we are a part of everything. But you put it so much more poetically!

    1. Oh, you are way too kind, Meghan. Poetic, I am not! But, I’ll take the compliment anyway. 😉 I do believe that your description of the ocean as a heartbeat is quite beautiful in itself. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! xoxo

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