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Midsummer Rituals: The Medicine of the Earth

I’ve been known to regularly hug trees, talk to flowers, and take 30 minutes to make my 15 minute walk to work in the morning because I’m snapping photos, touching leaves + blooms + snails + just standing in the sunshine or rain or…

15 Jun 2019
the seasons

Taurus season: Staying close to the earth

It’s easy to get carried away after a high. You know what I mean… those great mountaintop moments, those inspiring experiences… they tend to make us feel like we are soaring. Or at least rising. And we often want to stay way up there…

28 Apr 2019
life coaching

Why we should tap into our wild + native souls

This month, I’m creating + embarking on a vision quest. An internal one. Because I deeply feel that it is the perfect time for that. There’s so much I want to do, for myself + for this world, there’s so much that needs to…

9 Oct 2017
the seasons

look up on this earth day

it’s earth day, lovelies. and i could do post after post about how much i love nature. this tree-hugging, water-loving nature girl, however, has decided to focus her earth day celebration on the beauty of the sky. first thing every single morning and last…

22 Apr 2015

meditation mondays: the girl + the sea

“In still moments by the sea life seems large-drawn and simple. It is there we can see into ourselves.” ― Rolf Edberg what is it about the sea? that mysterious, powerful, peaceful, ferocious, wild sea? is it because it is a perfect balance of untamed freedom…

13 Apr 2015

meditation mondays: embrace your tree-hugging nature

i woke up on my own this morning. before any alarm. and before the coffee pot, which i filled + set last night, started puttering and spitting and brewing my morning pot of coffee. i woke feeling energized, even though the rain was falling…

17 Nov 2014

wednesday wisdom: rules of living #12

happy may day! i hope that you’re having a beautiful start to your month. i just love may – it’s a transition month. from spring to summer (for me at least). and it is almost always ner perfect weather. this month we’ve got a…

1 May 2014
the sacred everyday

sensory overload.

i did a few posts in the past where i reflected on my week/weekend through my six senses… what did i see, touch, feel, hear, taste, smell over the past few days? i really think that this is a good exercise, one that helps me…

11 Nov 2013
culture ireland


  today lina and i got a snail mail package from dublin, ireland. that, in and of itself, is awesome, because dublin is one of our favorite cities in the world. in the envelope from our amazing friend, were four headshot photographs of the…

18 Sep 2013
in the wild

green is the new black.

everybody’s into going green these days. and that’s a good thing. our earth is a beautiful place to live, and somehow, we’ve got to get a handle on learning how to take better care of her. so, i’m all for all things green. and…

11 Jun 2013