Midsummer Rituals: The importance of Soul Protection

20 Jun 2019
soul candle protection

Today’s Midsummer Rituals post is gonna be super short. And that’s because I writing this by the gate, waiting to catch my flight to the States! My summer vacation starts right now + Lina and I are jetting off to North Carolina for the summer to visit family and friends. And today’s card has got all the perfect travel vibes with it! So, I wanna share just a few little thoughts on protection – and specifically what I think about protecting our spirits + souls… especially as we creep into the season of rest + restoration (whether we are in summer or winter, we can all use this time to chill out + slow down).

Ok. Let me get right to it. Sometimes our souls need protection. We need to call back + call in all of that energy that we send out all of the time. We work hard and focus intensely, giving our all to everything we do + every person we meet. And, in my opinion (and experience), it is important to reset on a daily basis.

By resting, I mean engaging in practices that restore my soul. Quiet moments alone. Long showers. Walks around the backyard at night. Star gazing. Whatever I need or desire in the evenings and early mornings that fill my emptied soul. Anything that helps keep me balanced.

My work is absolutely beautiful. I love what I do + how I get to embody my soul in my workplace. But, my work is often intense. Young people deal with a lot these days. Many of them tough, heavy things that I cannot imagine going through as a teenager. And, while I’m not there to solve their problems + make it all better, I am there to guide, listen, and love them unconditionally. I have many discussions, conversations, crying sessions, hugging sessions, and deep moments with all of my lovely souls – who are sad, stressed, confused, disappointed, and sometimes just struggling to survive.

So, at the end of the day I am spent. Exhausted. Even though I take time throughout the day to restore my soul, at night, I need to not forget the power of opportunities for deep protection of my soul.

My challenge for you is to think about the ways your soul need protection + restoration. How can you squeeze in those moment of rest throughout your days?

I recognize that I have the privilege of time. I have the opportunity to choose to live slowly. It is a blessing that I do not take for granted. And, it also affords me the chance to have paid vacation for 6 weeks so I can go to the States to visit my family. A very blessed time of deep soul protection + restoration.

And with that, I’m off! Literally, we are boarding in just a few minutes. Yay! So, take care, sweet souls. Sink deep into a few moments this day + steal a few minutes for your own soul protection. You are so worth it.

xoxo. liz.

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