Midsummer Rituals: When it all comes crumbling down

It’s a good thing we started this series with the Warrior Woman because it seems like today everything comes crumbling down. At least that’s what today’s card offers us. A big, crumbling mess. But, I don’t want things to crumble. I don’t want things to fall apart. Crumbling is scary + sad + shattering. So, like I said, it’s good that the Warrior Woman has got our back.

The Warrior Woman helped me to start off this midsummer series thinking about my deepest calling + how I can be brave enough to walk my own path. Cause, whether I want to admit it or not, sometimes it’s hard to just be me. So, this month’s series, in alignment with the energy of mother nature + the turning of the seasons, is all about daring to let my light shine. It’s the next step in my journey of learning how to embody my soul. That is, to live boldly in my own truth, to express myself with abandon, to let go + to be free, and to simply bask in the glow of living life.

So, I really don’t want things to come all crumbling down. I just want to keep building higher + higher. I just want to keep growing + moving forward.

But, in reality, I can’t move forward, I can’t be free, I can’t enjoy truly enjoy these summer days + nights, unless I let go + surrender.

It just so happens that we are right in the middle of June’s new moon vibes and I think that new moon energy is very similar to this card’s energy. The new moon means that the night is dark. There is no moon to be seen. The sky is void of the sweet, bright, calming moon hanging above, watching over us. Instead, she seems hidden. Mysterious. Unknown.

This is exactly what the crumbling card is also symbolizes to me. Having this card in front of me, I feel that same twinge of fear of the unknown that I feel on moonless nights. There’s something unsettling about them both.

And, yet, the new moon is not about being abandoned + left alone. Neither is the crumbling card. Instead of seeing the darkness of the new moon sky + the uncertainty of the crumbled pile rubble as negatives, my intuition guides me through my fear (warrior woman!) and allows me to see the potential in it all.

Yes, the dark night is frightening. And, yes, it is jarring when something we love crumbles to pieces. But, life is cyclical. The moon moves through phases every single month. Just as there is a dark new moon every month, so is there also a bright, illuminating full moon. Just as there are moments and experiences crumbling + surrender + falling apart, so are there also moments of bliss, flying high, and stable groundedness.

The thing is, we need all of the phases. We need the entire cycle. For, this is how we grow + evolve. This is the nature of life.

On new moons, in the middle of the dark, we tap into all of our senses to help us feel our way into the new potential that exists. With a clean slate for the month, the new moon is the perfect time to plant new seeds + set new intentions + make new goals. My intention for this new moon cycle? It’s to bask + glow in the sun. To soak it in + to radiate it out. Learning how to better shine my light through this midsummer series. A new moon night is the perfect setting for possibility to dwell. When there seems that there is nothing, is exactly the place where something new can be born.

When everything crumbles, there’s nothing left to cling to. Everything is all a big pile of rubble in front of us. But, it is this rubble that is filled with potential + possibility. This is the spot from which we can rebuild something completely new. Something that our soul wants us to build + create so that we can move high + deeper into who we really are.

So, with all that said, bring on the crumbling card. Sure, there may be uncomfortableness, sadness, and fear that come with the crumbling. But, we’ve got the power of the Warrior Woman with us right now. So, there really isn’t a better time than the beginning of this midsummer rituals series to grab hold of our bad ass energy + surrender to whatever crumbling might need to happen.

Something new, something bigger, something more stable, something more you + more me is waiting to rise + shine +radiate.

Trust the process. Sink into the present moment. Accept what is crumbling. Sit with it. Be patient. And wait to see what message arrives next… in the next card that will be pulled in 2 days.

Until then… here’s what we can ponder:

How can I surrender to this moment in my life?

What do I feel when I sit alone in the dark? What is my intuition whispering to me?

What is not serving me anymore? What do I need to let go of? What needs to crumble?

There is a shift that is occurring. It will happen whether we choose to shift with it, or not. So why not let the crumbling happen? Why not feel the shift + open up + flow with the energy? Why not let go, loosen our grip, and stop trying to hold on tight to something that is no longer meant for us?

Hell yeah it’s scary. And often painful. But, just imagine what is waiting to be reborn + rebuilt. Reach back down into that Warrior Woman energy + let the universe help your soul align + evolve + rise to a whole new, bright, shining way of radiating who you really are.

Dare to let it crumble + watch how you will rise!

xoxo. liz.

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