Year in review: My top 10 posts of 2018

Year endings are all about countdowns, right? So, to celebrate the ending of my blogging year, it’s time for my annual top posts post. I’m counting them down chronologically. So, here we go! Here are the ones that y’all liked + read the most!

1: How + why you should make your own medicine bag

2: The wisdom of April + 7 years of blogging

3: Why we should practice being lost

4: April: When your intentions are not at all aligned with what you need

5: May 2018: Basking in the glow of early summer moments

6: This homemade peach infused gin is my new fave summer cocktail

7: Tapping into my roots at the North Carolina beach

8: How I am learning to live slowly in a fast-paced world

9: I turned 44 and discovered that it’s all about Life + Death + Pa’lante

10: Midwinter Rituals: Soul Family

Looking back through these posts, I realize that the top posts are actually 10 perfect posts to summarize my year. As I read through them, I noticed that they just happen to be my highlights of 2018. How amazing is that?

I also see a trend in y’all’s love of my posts that are all about keepin it real. I didn’t really have a tough year, but I did go really deep this year. And that meant everything to me. And apparently you liked it too.

I started off the year knowing that I wanted to focus on earth spirituality, living with the seasons, and finding some of that ancient wisdom that is deep in my soul. It became the grounding guide for all of the months that followed. I even had 2 months off from blogging + photography this year. I needed a break from blogging, which ended up being a break from everything. It’s really hard to explain it all, even now, but my body literally slowed me down, letting me know that I needed to be real with myself. To not do things as I always do them just because I always do them. I slowed it way down to a grinding halt in the spring. It was all part of that grounding I needed in order to feel the depths of my soul.

Then, I basked in the beauty of life + family + light + nature during the summer. Oh, the glorious days of a free-spirited summer. And, then summer was followed by continuing to keep it slow, even as the days sped up + returned to normal after vacation. Autumn was also a very reflective time, as I celebrated my 44th birthday + all of the realness that comes with giving thanks, dealing with reality, and finding the balance in the middle of it all.

Oh how I dove into the depths of my soul this year. Connected with the ground of my being + the magic + intuition that lies within me. And I closed out this year with a blog series that gave me a chance to gather together all of the wisdom that has risen from deep within me after this year. So, I am emerging more in touch with myself + how I live than ever before.

So, if you want to know me. If you want to know what inspires me, how I like to spend my time, and what touches my soul the deepest, then these posts are all you need.

These 10 tops posts are the perfect reflection of what it most important to me: Slow + soulful living, nature, family, spirituality. This, of course, is no different than how I have lived or what I have prioritized in the past. But, I have released everything else that doesn’t serve me. I have cast off any of those “musts, shoulds, ought to’s”. Those words do not remain in my vocabulary anymore. At. All. And I have embraced the calling to truly embody my magic + my beliefs.

Now it’s time to bid farewell to 2018 + begin to transition into the medicine and energy for 2019. As my love + I have said already, it feels as if it will be a big, beautiful year of opportunity, potential, and, well, celebrating every little thing. Just because. And, dear ones, I just want to add that I am so grateful that you pop over here to read my words + scroll through my photos. I truly love sharing my thoughts in this space + I can feel your presence, whether you share your own thoughts back with me or not.

Here’s to all of the future blog posts that will be filling up this space in the new year. What amazing moments, insights, photos, and memories will this year have in store for us?!

xoxo. liz.

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