Mood of the month: A series about living in rhythm with nature

Hello, loves! Who’s in the mood for blankets, mugs, apples, cool air, and a bit of magic? Well, ready or not, welcome to my absolute favorite time of the year. There is so much goodness to experience as we move through this season, I believe. Not only is September my birthday month (!!!!!), but it is also the time of the year that takes us from the earthy, hippie, golden vibes of late summer and carries us into the cozy, inward, magical darkness of autumn. This is my soul’s time of the year with all of its moodiness, mystery, traditions, gatherings, simplicity, and celebrations.

And starting this September, to celebrate my favorite season + another trip around the sun, I’m starting something new.

It’s no secret if you’ve been around this website that I feel a certain vibe, a certain energy, during each season. And, inspired by those energies, or moods, I’ve created a way to live in rhythm with the cycle of the year. A way to identify with each season’s energy and bring it into my life. I’ve been writing + sharing about this rhythm of nature in my everyday posts for the past year or two.

But, I think each month has its own energy as well… aligned, of course, with the energy of the season. So, as a way to drop even deeper into the rhythms of nature, starting in September, I am opening up a monthly guided journey through a whole new blog and Instagram series that I have created.

The rhythms of nature: A guided journey through the mood of each month

In keeping in alignment with the rhythms of nature, each monthly guided journey will follow the same pattern. It will be a cycle (of course, hehe!) that repeats month after month, changing only the energy + theme of each month. Here’s how it’s going to work:

I will post 6 times throughout the month as I move through each monthly cycle. It is a way to really sink into the mood of the month + harvest the energy of the season. Basically, a way to make living slowly in rhythm with nature a reality.

Posts will be both here and on Instagram on the 1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st, and 26th.

  • I will begin each month by setting the mood
  • Then, I will move into the medicine of the month.
  • And, finally, I will close out the month with a message of rituals, traditions, practices, and tips on how to bring all of this spiritual energy into everyday life.

Because that’s the whole purpose of living in rhythm with nature: to live so aligned with my soul + the cycles of life that my everyday life is simply an embodiment, an extension, and a continuation of the simple, gentle flow of life. It is my intention that my life simply flows in its natural state, filled with love, hope, calm, and mystical, tender presence.

Intrigued? Good! Let’s look at what’s coming up for September.

The theme for September: Shift

MOOD: turning inward + dropping down into September’s vibes

Season: Late Summer

Sept. 1: Setting the mood – Sinking into the energy + vibes of September

Sept. 6: Coming home – Food, drink, and traditions for the month. To help set the mood + to help us shift seasons.

MEDICINE: centering our souls. listening to our intuition. receiving the wisdom of the month.

Season: Late Summer

Sept. 11: Pause – A word on how shifting creates balance (grounding practices)

Sept. 16 Harvest- Where am I + where I am going?

MESSAGE: rising up + bringing it into everyday life

Season: Autumn

Sept. 21: A new season is upon us! The Autumn Equinox + welcoming the season of the Witch

Sept. 26: Morning rituals for the dark months ahead

Ok. That’s it for now, loves. I’ll be back tomorrow with September’s first post and we will start to set the mood for the month ahead! xoxo. liz.

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