music makes me emotional sometimes.


(blackbyrd performing at a charity concert)

i’ve heard some really great music today. stuff that fills my soul. calms me. makes me close my eyes & just be. i let the music- the instruments & the lyrics wash over me. and in those moments, i just felt whatever i felt… despair, hope, homesick, love, inspiration, fear. there are times when it’s ok, ya know, when it’s even good, to just feel your emotions. all of them. and to simply be & breathe.

wishing you peace & rest as you prepare for a new week, my friends.

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  1. I wouldn’t be able to live without music. It’s my blessing but also it’s my curse. I ride high the wave of emotions, sometimes so high, it distorts reality and makes me crash miserably on the rocky shores. And yet, when balance is present, music makes me travel through corridors of emotions, opening windows to forgotten and ancient views, presenting visions of the past and the future. I love music. 🙂

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