my cousin is coming to town!

just about the time this is being posted, my youngest cousin will be arriving in sweden!! as i write this, i don’t know yet if i will be greeting her at the airport with lina, or if lina will be greeting her on her own. (stupid job!). but, never mind that… the point is… my cousin is coming for a visit!

as i said, she’s my baby cousin. 18 years younger than me, and her mom, my aunt, 18 years older than me. so, there’s some extra special thing with the three of us, i think.

my cousin is, of course, american. she grew up in connecticult (mostly), but is living in paris for a year. hence the quick trip to sweden. i have memories of spending winters in the mountains of north carolina with our whole family, and visiting her in connecticut and vermont, but the memories that are burned into my soul are the ones that we share from our annual (mostly) beach week together with our family on the crystal coast of north carolina every summer.

i’ve literally watched her grow up into this fine, amazing, beautiful, strong woman. and i am so over the top excited to get to share my swedish life with her. having family visit me makes me happier than just about anything.

so, as of now. my brother… check! my baby cousin… check! now i’m throwing out a challenge to my other two cousins too… LT (Kat’s awesome, funny, hilarious bro) and my just-like-a-sister cousin, Lindsey. come on, you guys… we’re waiting for you! (and of course Lindsey’s family and my aunts + uncles and my parents!!).

anyway… i’m over + out now. time to play host + introduce┬ásome majorly amazing swedish traditions this weekend to kat.

hope you all have a great weekend! see you on monday!

xoxo. liz

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