this is who i am

i thought a lot about who i am, where i come from, and what makes me, well, me, while i was at the beach with my family last week. i didn’t overthink it, i just pondered how all of these people around me, my closest family members, are a part of me – how they each have played a part in making me who i am today. but, not only these beautiful, amazing people, also all of our ancestors, those who lived and died and walked the coastal shores of north carolina long, long ago. all through the week, i thought of these things. and i simply gave thanks – for my family. 

“you are the sum total of everything it has taken to produce you since before the beginning of beginning less time.” – buddhist saying

peace & love. xx

11 thoughts on “this is who i am

  1. We’re headed to the beach in couple of weeks with family also. I always reflect on where I am in life and where I’m headed. Love the title of this post. The main thing is you have to like yourself first and foremost. Or at least I keep telling myself that.

    1. You are so right, Rusha! It is so important to know and love ourselves – and part of that, I think, comes from reflecting on who we are. Hope you’ve had a great time at the beach!

    1. And you know what?! I love you so much, and the fact that you are my family is the most amazing thing in my life. xo

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