My midyear roundup: Rising with June’s summery full moon

“I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life.”
― Virginia Woolf

Late June, a bright full moon, and a midyear roundup. This is going to be a post sprinkled with magic. Because the midpoint of the year is full of magic. And right now we are in the midst of a turning point, which is shifting us from the beginning of 2018 to the last 6 months of the year. It’s the perfect time to dig deep, reflect on where we’ve been + what we’ve learned, and set our sights + intentions on what we hope to manifest, knowing what we now know + learning what we have now learned.

Six months ago I set out with the word “rooted” firmly planted in my soul. Something about it felt weird, and yet oh so right. I remember feeling that I should perhaps focus on moving out into the world more… that I had been digging in + grounding down for so long. Was getting rooted really what I needed?

Oh, don’t get my wrong, my introverted, contemplative soul loved the thought of staying with the energy of grounding my life even more with meditation, silence, stillness, and slow living. Because that’s how I saw it back then. Rooted = getting still + quiet.

But, now, with a bit of perspective + after living with my word for six months, I understand that rooted truly was meant to be my word of the year – in it’s most literal sense. I trusted my intuition back then, and it turns out, I was totally right.

Sure I rooted down into the quiet, dark of autumn + winter back then, and I loved every second of the cozy, home-y, nesting mood of the winter months. But, to be honest, it was a turbulent time in many ways. My love and I were living in quite a bit of instability due to her being laid off last September. And I feel that grounding + rooting was the thing that helped me stay sane, positive, and trusting of the unfolding of it all.

But, in the end of January, Lina  started a new job, which we both felt in our souls was just the perfect risk. And it has turned out to be just that: perfect. But, here’s where I began to question the idea of continuing to focus on being rooted. However, magically + beautifully, it all unfolded in ways that I had not even begun to imagine. And my idea of being rooted expanded.

For once, after 11 years of being together, Lina and I are living our lives in a most stable way, feeling the energy of actually setting down our own roots, after so many years of sickness, moving from country to country, and changing jobs.

So, the first half of 2018 has brought to us an early, much-needed, lovely sense of being literally rooted.

And then, just as I had questioned my need to get rooted even more (I mean, wasn’t I already done with that? Rooted enough?), life gave me a very unexpected (and difficult) opportunity to dig even deeper. To sink down even more into the depths of my soul, healing my spirit +  my body, diving deeper into my mystical side, strengthening my connection to nature, and leaving me an ever deeper understanding of the calling on my life.

Now, the first six months of the year are ending with a conscious commitment to living a contemplative life.

This is the life that I have been learning + yearning to live for many years. This is the life that I have been practicing for: slow, soulful, simple, mindful, meaningful, and full of magic.

My roots have sunken deep + spread wide. I am reaching deeper into my soul, into the magic of the ancient ways of mystics + earth-based religions, while all at the same time finding myself reaching higher + higher. And I find myself dwelling in the in-between, in the middle, balanced.

And, this is my calling. This is my vocation. To seek only to become more + more my true self. And as I have done + continue to do that, I have discover how life wants to be lived through me. How life calls me to live slowly + mindfully.

I am still transforming + evolving; and spirit-willing, I will keep transforming + evolving all the days of my life. That’s the whole purpose of it all anyway. But, I also have grown to securely know my truth. I am grounded in my soul. Firm in my foundation. Finished with this part of my journey. I am rooted. Deep deep deeply rooted.

Now is the time for the turning point. It’s time to take flight. Time to soar. Time to take risks. Time to face fears. Time to expand. Time to rise.

I am not leaving behind my roots. No, not at all. It is my roots that keep me grounded. But, it’s time for me to move upward + outward. To trust my roots to sustain + secure me as I test out how high I can go.

I’m not bound to the earth. But, I am not seeking to float around in the cosmos either. My calling is to soar + fly + move back + forth, in-between, all around. Balancing the things of the earth + the things of the cosmos. The things of soul + the things of spirit.

It’s time for me to let go, to step out, to come into the next phase of my own evolution. And that phase is all about teaching a lifestyle of balance, of magic + meaning, of soul + spirit, of simplicity + mindfulness. A life that is beyond simply existing. A life that is mystical + real all at the same time. A life grounded in the self + lived for others.

June’s full moon, sitting right at the midpoint of 2018, illuminates for me that a shift has occurred. I don’t know the details of how or what comes next. But, I am so very clear on my intentions. My roots have grounded me in my truth. And, now it’s time for me to light a path for all who are seeking to discover their own truth. It’s time for me to stop soaking up everything + time for be to begin really producing + creating on my own. And to really embrace how life wants to be lived through me.

Time to leave behind the old, familiar ways + rise to my own elder wisdom. The full moon of June is calling all of us to allow the elder, ancient wisdom within us to rise. 

Whether we feel it or not, we’ve got a foundation, a root system, and all of the answers deep within each of us. It’s time for it all to rise. For us to rise. For the truth to rise. To break forth + break free. To move forward. To expand and grow and reach higher + higher. To embody the truths that we know, to live lives of mindful simplicity and just accountability.

It’s time to leave behind the old ways, to step into our fullness, and to align our everyday life with the divine/magical/love energy that flows throughout the universe.

Take a few moments with me, dear moonchild, and sit under the full moon tonight. Soak up the light + let her illuminate how you are shifting and changing as the energy of change shifts us into the last half of 2018. Oh, there is so much just waiting for us to manifest. It’s time to trust that our roots are secure + rise to what comes next. Who’s with me?


Full moon blessings, wild ones. xoxo. liz.




7 thoughts on “My midyear roundup: Rising with June’s summery full moon

  1. I’m so excited. I am so looking forward to watching and participating in this new part of your journey. Absolutely fabulous.

    Good and healing thoughts to you and Lina and your fams.


    1. Your comment posted!! Thank you so much for always being present here. It means so much to me! xo

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