This homemade peach infused gin is my new fave summer cocktail

When it’s summer, I pretty much enjoy peach-flavored anything. So, peach infused gin just seemed like a no-brainer next thing to try to me.

I like a good gin + tonic, but when I made one the other night, I just felt like it lacked some flavah – know what I mean? I I had a little lime with it, which was yummy, but I wanted something more.

Later on the same day, I was rummaging through my refrigerator and discovered some peaches that needed to be eaten – and soon. So, I immediately googled to see if peaches in gin was something someone else had done. And, sure enough, it was a thing! Even better… it was easy!

So, I cut up a couple of peaches, put them in a jar, and poured a whole bunch o’ gin over them. I closed them up tightly, took a few pictures, and then stashed them in the cool, dark pantry in the kitchen.

Every day for about a week, I shook the jar, just to move everything all around and get that infusing process going. I had read that it was only about 2-3 days that you needed to let the peaches sit in the gin, but I did a little taste test after 3 days, and there wasn’t much of a peach flavor to the gin.

So, I decided to extend the infusion.

Finally, after a week or so (technically, I lost count), it was the solstice + midsummer weekend and I wanted to serve some peach infused gin to celebrate the beginning of summer. So, I got the jar out and got to work.

I used a strainer to strain the peaches and then poured the peach gin into a little airtight bottle. Gaaaah. So exciting.

After that, I made a little homemade simple syrup mix to go in the cocktail. Maybe. But, I made it anyway. Surely there will be something I will use it for soon.

And it’s super easy to make. Sugar. Water. Dissolve the sugar in the water over medium heat. Cool it. Then put it in an airtight container + in the fridge. It’ll keep for a month. Bam.

Now my first weekend of summer season cocktail-experimenting is done. Time to sit back + enjoy summer evenings filled with delicious peach flavors.

Do you have any great summer cocktail tips or suggestions? I’d love to try more, so send them my way!

I’m still experimenting with what to do with my peach infused gin, so if you’ve got any great ideas, feel free to let me know. I am most definitely no bartender – but that’d be fun, wouldn’t it?! Oh, and I’m no recipe writer either. I just make that shit up as I go. So consider yourself warned.

For my first drink I used:

→ 1 part peach infused gin

→ 2 parts tonic water

→ a teeny bit of simple syrup

→ a squeeze of fresh lime juice

Cheers to summery drinks + peach flavored everything, yall!

xoxo. liz

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