My new neighborhood: Why I love the industrial area of Norrköping

It’s finally time to share with you a little bit about why I love the industrial neighborhood that we now call home. We took a few walks last week, got ice cream, visited a some pubs, and got reacquainted with the area. But, I never got to show you the photos or explain why I love it so much.

Well, firstly, my previous “The week that was…” post was a little untraditional. It was much more of a reflective post than my usual “here’s what I did last week” post. Partly because I needed to write + process a little bit. I needed to slow down the pace of everything since it’d been so hectic for so long. But, also partly because I had so much content (photos) to share with you and there was no way I’d be able to get it all done in one weekly post. It would have been just too big. Plus, I wanted to give justice + time to my reflections, my home blessing, and my new industrial neighborhood. So, what would have been one giant post has become 3 and this is the last one. Now it’s finally time to introduce you to the neighborhood!

Our apartment building towers over the industrial area of Norrköping, giving us a view that is almost hard to comprehend. Not only do we see the funky, historic buildings by the river just below us, but we also see far off in the distance – to the forests + mountainous areas.

But, we don’t just see the industrial area from our apartment, we are part of it. Which is a dream come true for me. And, though our building is new, I feel such a connection to the history of this very special part of Norrköping. For, this is the origin of the city. This is where communities popped up and, later, factories + industry. Today, the area is well-known as a cozy, unique spot in Norrköping. It is both preserved + used – as museums that give a nod to the history of the past, business space, living space, art, food + drink, and even a planetarium. All right outside our window.

The industrial area is pulsing with life, teeming with history, and full of inspiration. In fact, much of downtown Norrköping, at least in our neighborhood, seems to be coming alive. there is a whole different feel than when we lived here 8 years ago.

One of our new favorite places in our neighborhood, just outside the heart of the industrial area is a little bar called Boca. It is a small place that serves beer, drinks, amazing pizza, super delicious pasta + salads (we’ve tried it all!). It’s friendly, funky, and the vibe is big city urban. Like some place you’d stumble upon in NYC or Asheville.

Here’s our recommendation: We plan to become regulars + we’re almost there already!

So, yes. We are totally living the urban life right now. And, while it does feel like a vacation, I have a hunch that we are going to still love it even as we settle in + return to those everyday routines that carry us through the seasons. I am so curious about how it’s going to feel + be as autumn, and then winter, arrive.

I have tons more to share already. But, I also have tons more to explore – both in the industrial area of Norrköping, the surrounding downtown areas, and a little bit further out of town. So, I’m pretty sure I’ll be putting together some sort of Norrköping guide throughout the years.

It just hit me again. I cannot believe that we are back in the this city after 8 years away. The first place I lived in Sweden. A super tough 3 years, actually. But, it feels like home here + it also feels like there’s so much new to explore + dig deeper in to. Not to mention… the community spirit that we’ve already picked up on here – there’s so much more if I compare it to Uppsala.

Anyways, all that to say… more on Norrköping + the industrial area + our home + living here to come! Happy weekend, y’all! It’s a big one – as we begin the very first shift from summer (dare I say it?!) to autumn.

Love to you all. And thank you so much for all of your sweet words + messages + energy on Peanut’s due date. We felt it – and we are so grateful. xoxo. liz.

4 thoughts on “My new neighborhood: Why I love the industrial area of Norrköping

  1. Gorgeous! All of your photos make me want to move there. Even though I’m studying Korean. That’ll work, right? 😆

    1. Of course it’ll work! You can study Korean anywhere! 🙂 And… let’s just pause for a second to think about how cool it is you’re studying Korean. xx

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