my twenty top instagram photos of 2015

it’s no secret that i love, love, love photography. and to get my daily photography fix, i use instagram like it’s going out of style. seriously, i am a major, self-proclaimed instagram addict.

but, because of instagram, i have made friends all over the world. i find support and inspiration in ways that i can hardly put into words. i have met people face-to-face, sent + felt energy to people going through a tough time (including being on the receiving end), shared beautiful images, expanded my knowledge of differing countries and customs, and grown as a photographer.

i posted my first photo in december of 2011. and i’ve been going strong ever sense. it’s amazing to look back, though, over the years and see how i have changed as a photographer. how my style has changed. how i’ve learned tricks and tips. and how just by simply taking photos, i have created an even deeper love for telling stories through images.

being a part of instagram and posting photos daily, has become a spiritual discipline of mine. an experience of making every moment as sacred and holy and extraordinary as it really is. i have learned how to create a life that is centered around slow living, balance, beauty, and meditation. every single snapshot i snag represents one simple moment of my life and my desire to live simply + intentionally.

instagram has given me a way to define + express myself. a way to literally create the life that i wish to live. and, in taking photos, i have sought to inspire others to simply be. to live authentically. to follow their bliss. and to soak in the beauty of every single moment.

as for the community aspect of instagram… it is so hard to express what it means to me. there are beautiful souls spread out all over the world, some that i have met and some that i have not, that have become part of my life. i think about them as i go about my days. i feel a connection, much deeper than just looking at each others’ photos. and, because of all of these people, i have become a better me. true story.

yes, photography is one of my biggest passions. a life-changing, soul-inspiring passion. so, i thought i’d honor my love for photography by sharing the photos that seemed to be the most inspiring to others throughout 2015. a celebration of the year and all of those incredible moments that i experienced, and had the joy of sharing with you all through my images.

my top 20 instagram photos (most liked)

moon sunset

orange tree autumn




bike autumn groceries


river still uppsala



sunset uppsala







thanksgiving dinner



there ya go! my most popular photos on instagram from 2015! seems like there is a lot of nature, huh? i love that you all love that. and i love that nature was such a huge theme for this past year.

if you’d like to follow me on instagram and keep up with all of my photos you can find me >> here >> @belovelivephotography. 

in 2016, i hope to do more posts on photo tips and photo challenges, and of course there will be tons of moments shared…  so stay tuned!

onwards + upwards! xoxo

12 thoughts on “my twenty top instagram photos of 2015

  1. Your description of what Instagram means to you is beautiful and touching. I agree wholeheartedly, there is real community on there, with people that inspire and make life more special. Social media gets a bad rep sometimes, but it can be such a life-enriching addition to us! I love Insta, too.
    As you hopefully know, I’m a huge fan of your photography, and I loved this round-up!
    This post is such a wonderful idea, would you mind if I copy it?

    1. Copy it!! Do it!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! (I used Statigram to get my statistics, just FYI). 😉

    1. awwww… thanks cuz! yes, i do believe that that pic is one of my all time faves for this year! (and i just may be saving it to use as my book cover.) 😉

      1. I agree with Kat! It’s my favorite photo too, but they are all truly beautiful! I have so much trouble keeping my hand steady when I take a photo with my camera. I don’t know if it’s because the camera is better or if I’ve always been this bad! Thanks for sharing these beauties!

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