week forty nine // the week that i trusted the process

oh, and it was so intense. and pretty much in amazing + wonderful ways. so, stay with me and i’ll share all of the details with you right now!

i starts off my week with this quote. i just ran across it and it felt so right. i had no idea how perfect it would end up being for me…


i also started off the week with a little snow. not much and it didn’t stay around long, but enough to make me really long for the snow that stays on the ground all winter. come on, snow!

i also worked at the photo boutique monday and tuesday. it felt soooooo great to be back there. i just love it so much. i’ll be there quite a bit between now and christmas, with lots to do! while i was there, i snapped a photo during my lunch time at 2:15 of the sun setting. folks, it is super dark here now. like crazy dark. but, it’s still gorgeous. and i’m still not tired of it. so, that’s good.

first snow morning

snow nature

sunset work

snow countryside sweden

riding home bike snow

wednesday i was home. taking care of home stuff. and doing a little erred running of the christmas/holiday sort. so much fun. my love and i even got big into decorating, though i believe that we are doing it a little bit at the time, as we still have things in the basement to bring up. i should totally do that when i finish this. we are embracing our minimalist theme fully, and realizing that it feels simple and just right. more decoration photos to come in a whole post dedicated to that soon!

morning winter

home coffee table christmas

christmas tree

christmas tree minimal

on thursday i was stressed. and i’ve got a long story to tell you about why i was stressed and anxious.

last spring, i apple for a job as a mentor at a high school. the job felt right and i was very excited about the possibility to work in a school as a coach/counselor type. t’s exactly what i have been wanting to do for as long as i have worked in schools actually. well, i knew that my interview went well, but in the end, it was between me and another person, and they chose the other person.

and i was ok with that. it was meant to be i knew. so, i just moved on. and life kept on moving on, as it does. with my job at the photo boutique and my life coaching stuff, i had stopped looking for jobs for right now.

two weeks ago, out of the blue, as i sat and worked on my book in the library, i got an email from the principal at the school where i had interviewed last spring. they were looking to hire another mentor and remember me and wondered if i would be interested in coming in for an interview for this position.

hell yeah!

i instantly knew that the timing of this was even more amazing than i could wrap my mind around. i mean… there were no words.so, i responded with an excited yes, and set my interview for the following wenesday.

the interview went well, and i felt even better than i had before. last spring. then, i twas the waiting game. i sent a thank you email a few days later, and was then asked to send in some references. a good sign! a few days after that i received another email saying that they wanted me to come for a second interview to meet the teaching team that i might possibly work with, should i be offered the job.

last thursday, i had that interview. i was excited because they still were interested in me. but, twas so nervous. and i’m usually not that nervous. of course, as soon as i got there, my nerves totally went away and i settled right into chatting with the four other teachers. and it was fun. is it cool to say that an interview is fun?! well, it was. hehe.

then, the waiting game again. gaaaaah. but, they told me that i would know either on friday or on monday (today).

the evening i had my work (photo boutique) christmas party, which was a great distraction for me. so, dinner out with fun people and good food and drink… the perfect way to stay focused on the present moment and let all of my wondering and what ifs go.

coffee sofa home

downtown sunset

christmas tree uppsala

friday, my love and i were going our separate ways. she, headed down south to visit her parents and friends for the weekend. and me, to my 3rd weekend of life coach training. i was leaving just before lunch time, and about 30 minutes before i was to lock up + leave, my phone rang.

i totally assumed it was lina. but, it was a number i didn’t recognize. so, i knew. my heart fluttered. my hands began sweating. and i could hardly catch my breath.

on the other end of the phone, i could hardly believe that i was hearing the words i was hearing. “we would like to offer you the position as mentor, if you are still interested.” oh. my. god. it was too good to be true. we decided i’d stop by on monday (today) to discuss my salary (a whole different approach to this than in the states, my friends) and other practical things.

so, i got a job! a real, permanent job. and i’ll work 80%, so i will have a bit of time to focus on building my life coaching business too.

i believe i must have floated to the bus on friday. plugged in my headphones, listened to christmas music during my ride out to the country, and just let the feeling sink in. and the feeling was so very right. even though i could hardly believe it. in fact, i think i still don’t completely believe it.

the life coach training weekend was amazing. inspiring. affirming. powerful. and exhausting. i wa completely drained in every single way. but, it felt really really good.

life coach nature

life coach nature

life coach cottage morning dark

me wind nature life coach

ice nature life coach

nature life coach

nature life coach

nature life coach

life coach meditation

nature life coach

sunday afternoon came, and i climbed back on the bus to uppsala. satisfied. inspired. and overwhelmed. i will admit that tears fell from my eyes over and over again throughout the weekend from feeling so very grateful and amazed.  but, soon i was home again and in the arms of my love. everything feeling exactly as it should. i blogged late into the night. and then slept soundly + restfully in my own bed. giving thanks over and over again.fika home travel coffee

so basically, i didn’t learn anything new this week. but, i deepened my faith in myself. i became even more comfortable with trusting the process. and perhaps that is even more important right now. to allow myself to begin to a whole new level/way of living.

i was given the gift of seeing, once again, that seeking to live from from our souls, trying to always be true to who we are, and working to live in the present moment always leads us down the right path. always.

where is your soul leading you this week?!

onwards + upwards! xoxo

20 thoughts on “week forty nine // the week that i trusted the process

    1. What a beautiful thing to say, Louise. Thank you so much for the support and cheer! How amazing it is to share joy with one another! Hugs to you. xoxo

  1. hold on, what do you mean you didn’t learn anything? Of course, you did. You learned the most important lesson – go with the flow, listen to your heart, and right things will come to you.

    1. Haha! I meant that learning to go with the flow and listening to my heart was something I’d already learned. I’d already been living that. And I got to experience the power of it again. So, it wasn’t new, but just an amazing completion of another circle and of how I’d been living my life already. 🙂

      1. I have been following your blogging for couple years now and I have to admit, hell of a journey.
        I have seen your ups and downs and sometimes you, the same way as we all, get carried away by events and overwhelmed by the flow of life.

        I am glad that for all involved parties that the journey continues on a positive note. 🙂

  2. What a sweet blessing for you! And for your new coworkers and mentees!!!

  3. Congrats on the new job! 🙂 It’s wonderful to feel a moment to breathe and take in the opportunity that winter can bring: hunkering down, reading, writing, and funneling out all those ideas for your business. 🙂 Best wishes!

    1. Absolutely! Thank you so much for celebrating with me – and for picking up on exactly how I am seeking to soak up December. xo

  4. This is so wonderful, Liz! I’m so happy for you! Between your recent discussions of letting go of what no longer serves you in order to move on and your taking action and reshaping your life to exactly how you want it to be, I can’t help but see this as the culmination of your year of empowerment. I tend to create narrative when maybe there isn’t any, but it seems so perfect and I’m truly so happy for you that you are doing/will be doing what you’re meant to and living exactly the life you want to live. It’s so inspiring that you saw what your soul wanted and you went out and grabbed it. Congratulations!!!! xoxo

    1. Girl, you are simply saying now what I have on the back burner for a few blog posts at the very end of the year. 🙂 How intuitive and connected to me you are! It humbles me deeply how much you pay attention to every single thing I say. If I ever wondered if someone out there cared for me, then I would always know to think of you. You, who soaks up with such love and grace and openness what others say. You, my friend, are a very special soul. It takes one incredible person to care so deeply about others. To make someone feel as if she is worth so much is a gift. And I am so very grateful that you share the gift of your presence, your thoughts, your words, your heart with me.

      1. Wow. That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me. I so value our friendship too, Liz and even though I can’t put this nearly as eloquently as you, I think you have an incredible gift as well and I feel so blessed that you share it with us. There have been many, many times when you’ve written the words I needed to hear and that you’ve helped guide me. What you write is so incredibly inspiring and the way in which you share your triumphs and struggles is more valuable than you can imagine.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Awesome news on your job – what a great full circle that has been! Keep up the amazing, hard work! 🙂

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