my year in music

it’s no big secret that i love music. and i listen to it – a lot. especially on spotify – a music app for your computer and/or mobile device. it’s a streaming service, which is either free (with commercials) or paid for monthly (think netflix, but for music). since becoming a spotify user, i have used it probably 95% of the time i wish to listen to music, and i take it with me wherever i go. what i love most about it is the ability to create playlists, gathering together my own personal collections of music into one list – and boy, have i done that! hehe. it’s like making mixed-tapes for the 21st century.

for the end of the year, spotify has provided users with a chance to find out what their listening habits of 2014 have been. i had a sneaking suspicion as to what mine would be, and i was pretty correct. so, here comes a little summary of what i listened to most, what i loved, and the music that rocked my soul in 2014. it’s been a great year of music for me!

i obviously have a favorite genre:

spotify year in music 2014

and i would agree… these have most definitely been my favorites:

spotify year in music 2014

clearly i’m streaming on my phone a lot: an indication that i am driving + listening to music. one of the things i love most to do:

spotify year in music 2014

this little statistic of my favorite artists/songs throughout the seasons is spot on! and it is exactly how i would describe my favorite music for each time of the year. i love this!

spotify year in music 2014one final summary of everything:

spotify year in music 2014

if you want to find my profile on spotify just click {here}. and if you are looking for some good music to listen to, then i can highly recommend:


first aid kit | the avett brothers | sarah jarosz | trampled by turtles

playlists i made in 2014 (click on the title to be linked to the playlist):


get your own year in music –> {here}


keep on groovin’. light + love. xx


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