welcome to the new be|love|live website!

hi friends!!

well, i have worked almost all freaking day on this website, and it has not been without some stress, including some feelings of complete + utter confusion. at one point, for some hours, i truly felt as if i was completely lost in some cyberworld with absolutely no map, no directions, and a head splitting, overwhelming desire to just give up. however, i did not. yep, i pushed through, googled the shit out of some questions and then played around, exploring every living nook + canny of my new blog theme.

this whole wordpress.org thing is a beast – and you are left totally on your own to figure things out. that is so daunting at first, but after fighting through, i can honestly say that i feel free! i feel such a freedom that wordpress.com could have never given to me. i can do whatever i can dream up on my blog now. and it is so creatively liberating – and so freaking exciting.

there will be many trials + tribulations to come, i am certain. but, for now, i have the basics figured out and organized here. however, there is much, much more that i want to add and tweak and fix (like no featured photos made it over from my other blog). all in good time, though. all in good time.

for now, i’m excited to start blogging and to see if you guys find me and follow me, and add me to your email lists. soon, i will be setting up an email/newsletter, so you can look forward to joining that too in the new year! but, right now, you can find me on bloglovin {click here} – and follow me  over there! also, all of my social media tabs are at the bottom of every page, so just click on one of those as well.

welcome, to the new + improved + and completely-on-her-own be|love|live! i hope you like it here!


here we go… i’m actually so nervous. feels amazing, though.  clicking “publish” now…

light + love xx

3 thoughts on “welcome to the new be|love|live website!

    1. Thank you so much, Alarna. So great to hear that you like it! Hope all is well with you. xoxo

  1. Ahhh how lovely to find you again!! Well done you!
    OK, now if you can just tell me how to track any root notifications that’d be awesome?

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