no time. at all.

seriously. i have no time right now. every minute seems to be taken up with something. most of it is work-related. but, every free minute is busy too, it seems. though i must admit that all of the busy time during my free time is fun stuff. still, i feel as if i am running around like crazy. as soon as i get home at night, bedtime comes quickly,  and then it’s time to get up and start everything all over again. and i desperately want to write. i seriously want to just chill. but, right now, my focus is on other things. you know, i have learned to take things as they come in life and to try to live in the present moment (not always an easy task). yes, right now, life is busy. and perhaps that is exactly how it should be. it may be difficult, but the time will come again when there is not so much going on. what i need to do now, in the midst of all the craziness, is to embrace all that craziness and get everything i can out of every moment. so, instead of complaining, i’m enjoying whatever is going on around me…

besides, my love and i am going to greece in one month, so that means that i will have vacation activities on a beautiful island for one whole, relaxing week! lucky, lucky me! and with that trip sitting right in front of me, i can make it through this next out-of-control month!

peace and calmness in the midst of your week.

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  1. Where in Greece?! Please please please say Lesbos?! [haha!]
    Busy, crazy time – with you all the way!

    1. Holly, Rhodos. But, Lesbos sounds more up our alley. Hehe! I just read your blog today about your busy day yesterday, so I know you feel my pain. 🙂 Are you counting the hours yet?! xx

    1. I know, Jessie. It’s crazy to be craving a holiday so badly already and summer is just now over. I hope you find some time off soon! Even if it’s for a day!

  2. Ha, kind of… nearly at the mark!
    Ps. Rhodes town is no 1 ever place to visit ever on the trip advisor ranked places – also my friend went earlier this summer and LOVED it! ENjoy!!!

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