october’s new moon calls us deep into the darkness

it’s time to dive deep into our souls. and just dwell there for a moment.

deep down it’s dark. and that is most often very frightening. but, it is also magical. there is much to be learned, even if there is much that we don’t understand. and sometimes, my friends, we just need to dwell in the mystery.

as we turn within right now, outside us, nature is mirroring this deep, dark time.

up here in sweden, the leaves are almost gone. the sun no longer rises high in the sky during the day, but has begun to skim across the horizon, rising later and sinking lower + earlier with each passing day. darkness is literally settling in around us in the northern hemisphere.

and, on top of the movement of the seasons from autumn towards winter, where darkness really sets in, we have just emerged from a dark new moon. and it also just happens to be all hallows eve tonight.

me feet leaves autumn

you know, often times we don’t choose to dwell in the darkness, it just happens.

with that said, personally, there has been a lot of darkness in my life this past week. heavy stuff. mysterious, unexplainable, life is unfair stuff. anyone else feeling these deep energies swirling around?

in any case, i feel as if i’ve been thrust into the depths of my soul. by life. by the seasons. by disappointments and sadness. by this whole time of year. in fact, this whole month of october has been one long march towards darkness.

but, there is nothing for me to do except for the accept this season of life. i cannot change the events + happenings. i cannot stop life from cycling on. but, i can be aware and present (as uncomfortable + sucky as it is) and settle into the deep parts of my soul. and i can do that because i know that all things pass. that life continues to cycle on. that the darkness and mystery and death and disappointment are all a part of everything.

so, on this new moon night, i choose to feel it.

i accept the calling to go deep + dark. to mingle with the mysteries of life. to dig into the soil and earth around me, feeling and remembering who i am and my place in this world. to intuitively listen and feel and begin to understand even more about where i am heading in life.

no moon new darkness

as frightening as the darkness is, it is also supporting and illuminating. when we can’t see, all we can do is feel. and when we sit with our feelings, even when we don’t understand them, then we gain knowledge and power and strength.

going into the darkness is often associated with evil and fear, but it’s not that. it is a time to dwell with in the space the hidden, to let ourselves feel and know that there is much that we do not know or understand. to realize that sometimes life is full of questions without any answers or explanations… but, that it is ok to not logically, rationally know everything. and it is entirely possible to intuitively and spiritually know, feel, or experience something.

and it is here, in the depths of our soul, where our power is found. in the darkness light is still present, it’s just compacted into a tight ball of potential energy. and the deep darkness is a place where we can die to our old ways so that we can be reborn to something new.

so, for these next three days… under a dark new moon, surrounded by the magic of all hallow’s eve and the mystery of all saint’s day, if we go deep and just dwell there, then we will be guided forward.

because the cycle of life always moves on.

new moon + halloween blessings, wild ones.

xoxo. liz.

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