the week that really f*cking sucked // 43

finally. october is almost over. i’ve never had anything against october, friends. in fact, i’ve often loved this month because of the beauty of the turning of the seasons. but, this year… it has been very gloomy.

and this week… well, it has been the epitome of tough.

if you listened to our podcast this week, then you know that a friend of ours died.

in addition to that, lina and i both found out some very tough news surrounding our families. that means that lina is on call and may be headed to her hometown at any minute. and i am headed to north carolina today, as you read this.

you guys, it really has been crappy and tough. but, we are holding on. shifting from crying to feeling strong. emotions swinging every which way back and forth.

as usual, i am observing the changes in nature, and it seems that this week, suddenly almost all of the leaves fell from the trees, reminding me very concretely of how life changes. and yet, somehow, there is still something beautiful to be seen + found. even now.

and, for me, nature just seems to be one of the things that keeps me sane. that reminds me to be slow. to look around and to trust…

uppsala river autumn tree autumn tree autumn tree autumn tree autumn tree autumn tree autumn sunshine

that’s really all that i have this week, you guys. the one thing i know, though, is that it is important to feel it all. to sit with it all. and to keep living through it all. because this is still my life to live. my life to choose how i want to live. and it is up to me to choose to trust the unfolding of life, or not. of course, i choose to trust.

and, in the meantime, i am sending light + love out there to the world… and to each one of you. blessings for this week.

i’ll keep in touch from the states.

xoxo. liz

16 thoughts on “the week that really f*cking sucked // 43

  1. Sending light and love back to you both as well Liz. Blessing to you on your travels and to your family. And to Lina and her family.

    Love and light.

    1. Love and light is exactly what we need, and we are soaking it up. Thank you so much, dear friend. Hugs.

  2. I’m so sorry with what’s going on with both you and Lina. Sending positive thoughts and lots of love. Please feel hugged!

  3. Hi Liz

    I will connect with you again once you are home again. I relize that you are too busy for our appointment this week. Again, good and healing thoughts to yous.


    1. Hello, Kate. Thank you so much for your kindness and understanding. Yes, it is quite busy right now. But, I am working on settling back into some form of regular routine again. I will be in touch soon.

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