oh the irony.

yesterday lina and i met after she got off work and went downtown to do a few errands. while we were there, we just happened (hehe) to stop by one of my favorite stores… indiska! a few days ago i had seen a pair of sunglasses there that i adored! since i started wearing contacts about 6 years ago, i can never get enough sunglasses. although now i only have 1 pair. where do they all go? perhaps the same place that socks go… anyway. i’m not that into buying expensive sunglasses, because then i would be limited to only one pair. instead, i like to shop around in the spring & summer, and if i happen to find a pair that i like, then i just might make them a part of my collection (which again, is only 1 pair right now. hehe). so, my love and i discussed it, and i bought the sunglasses at indiska!! YES! and as i’ve said before in a previous post, sunglasses are a huge symbol of warm weather arriving in sweden. i feel like i’ve now joined some special “spring’s on it’s way” swedish club!

the irony is that today, even though it’s not that cold, it has been raining like crazy and it’s dark & gray. so, no chance to show off my sunglasses just yet. but, the time is coming…. !!!

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