laundry duties & my little helper.

yep. laundry day on a monday. not the best combination. but, the sun is shining and it’s fairly warm out, so that makes everything better. actually, for a monday, i’m feeling quite chipper (even if i’m tired). school was a little boring, but i understood everything; which is a definite plus. though i must admit that it takes me a while to get back into my “swedish brain” on monday mornings at 8 AM. and, after class, as i was walking home, a man on a moped drove up beside me and asked me for directions to a chinese restaurant. with my american accent, i answered him in swedish & successfully pointed him in the direction of a good meal!

at home this afternoon i had laundry duty… which involved about 5-6 trips up and down the 4 flights of stairs to the creepy basement. when everything was clean & smelling fresh, folded & put away (the crappiest part of doing laundry), i put the sheets on the bed. I had a little help from my favorite cutie cat, zola ( as you can see above). at the precise moment i was ready to put the covers on, zola decided to test things out… but I can hardly blame her. aren’t clean sheets the best?!


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