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  1. That’s a beautiful pic. Is it where you’re from in the states?
    How long you home for, do you miss it?
    How long you been away – do you get back often…
    Sorry, so many questions, I’m always intriuged about the living away from home home prospect (though home is where the heart is really isn’t it?!)

    1. Hey, Holly (it’s so nice to know your name. hehe!)! Thanks for the compliment! Yes, it is where I am from – sort of. My parents live there, my brother & his wife live there, and we have had a house there for many, many years. But I have lived all over North Carolina as well, from the mountains to the sea. I can never decide exactly where I am from in NC, so it just depends on which stage of my life I’m talking about. Long answer for a short question. Hehe. I have lived in Sweden now for almost a year (I’m thinking of doing a long post soon for my one year anniversary/background info = how i got where i am), and I haven’t been to the states since I moved. I cannot wait to see my family & just relax some there. Though, I love living here in Sweden. Still, it’ll be great to get my “American fix”! And yes, home is really where the heart is. I’m lucky to consider myself as a person who has 2 homes – where my parents live/NC and wherever my wife is. As long as I am with her, I am home.

      I love all the questions, so keep ’em coming! It’s fun to get to know other people, learn new things, see how you are the same & different. It’s so much fun! Perhaps that’s one of the reasons I love to travel & experience different cultures so much! By the way, I love reading about your coming out story! I’m thinking of copying your idea & telling my story as well. You’ve inspired me!

      Hope you have a great weekend! Keep in touch! ~liz

  2. Do it. I’d love love love to read it!
    Thanks for answering all the questions, I will wait for you swedish anniversary for some more!

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