why can’t it be sunday already?

  a view of my yellow apartment building on a rainy friday, from my kitchen window.

it’s rainy. it’s chilly. and i’ve gotta “work” (my internship, which i really do love) tonight. and perhaps tomorrow night. but it’s inside weather today. you know, cozy clothes, perhaps a movie, perhaps a book, perhaps a nap. just general all-around laziness. i’m feeling no motivation to do anything except to listen to the rain outside my window. it’s dreary today. so, i feel dreary. not sad or even bored. just dreary. i just wanna be.

and i want it to be sunday because when the calendar says that it is sunday, then we can really begin our preparations for our trip to our american home coming up on thursday! it feels like once sunday is here, we’re sailing towards thursday and there’s not that much to have to do (except pack) = the days won’t be too intense. but, first, we’ve gotta make it through some work today & tomorrow in the middle of a crapload of rainy, chilly weather (yes. this is typical swedish summer. beautiful & amazing some days. then chilly & rainy others).

well, i’m gonna enjoy these cozy afternoon hours while i can. yep. hope you’re friday is good!!


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  1. Well Sunday is only one day away so you’re getting there. Enjoy the anticipation it’s always the best… Except for the airport reunions of course. Lots of love xx

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