passing time on a thursday.

morning fika at a cozy, old cafe.

 a little midday shopping.

 a few stolen moments thinking of my love.

 a late afternoon walk in the sunshine.

 an evening planning meeting at work. (planning for a week-long family summer camp)

peace & love. all the time.

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  1. Hey Liz, I am sure you anticipated this but it would be an honor for me to challenge you for the Game!

    I’ve been burning to know so many things about your life (where did you meet your wife, how have you been growing up etc etc) but decided to narrow it down to one, sorry, two questions for the start.

    Why did you decide to move to Sweden (as opposed to having your wife move to the States) and how did you experience your initial time in this foreign country?

    I know you plan on writing those posts in book-format every now and then but maybe you can just go out of your way and do this one first? Of course this is on a purely voluntary basis, feel free to pass. Would be nice if you did do it, though! 😉

    1. I will do it!! I will answer those burning questions you have and somehow incorporate it into writing my book too. 🙂 Thank you for asking, I am honored & touched. xo

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