passing on the love.

the blogging world is amazing.

i know there are some people who think that the whole internet/social media thing is out of control, and it definitely can become something that takes over your life, causing you to lose contact with everyday life. it is a fine art, balancing life online & life in reality. but, i think i am doing a pretty good job at it. at least i’m trying to. and, right now in my life, both my online time & my time in the middle of everyday society are precious to me. i feel as if my world is expanding. i am meeting people face to face and blog to blog. my work seems to span across real life & internet life. in both worlds i write, take pictures, and share my thoughts on subjects from theology to self-confidence to love to equality to just enjoying life, and everything in between. but more importantly, i get a chance to listen to the lives of people with whom i am connected. i have the privilege, within my work (online or in life), of meeting people exactly where they are and hearing their struggles, their joys, their fears, their dreams… and i am so inspired.  inspired by who i meet, what i read, who i talk with – whether it be face to face or blog to blog, whether i agree or believe the same as them, or not. the privilege is the chance to get to know people, to create community. for, that is what life is all about. we may be different because we are from different places, live different lives, and have different experiences, but inside, we are one in the same. we are one.

within this ever-growing blogging community of people who simply stumble onto each other’s little corner in the blogosphere, i have met so many interesting people. and i feel that we have connected over many different topics or interests. the thing is, we always find some meeting point. there is always connection, and instead of focusing on the differences in our lives, we seek each other out based on what is similar. it’s a beautiful thing.

this past weekend, i received notification that i had been nominated for the inspiring blog award by a fellow blogger, natalie – who i have recently “met”. and i am truly humbled and excited. you see, i am pretty up front about my beliefs, but i never want them to deter me from meeting new people (= people see my blog, read my words, and are turned off because i’m too “preachy”). at the same time, i have made an oath with my self to let my voice be heard, to be true to who i am.

the thing is, my faith is wide. christian, muslim, atheist, jewish, hindu, agnostic, pagan, buddhist, noncommittal, whatever… i am open to everyone. and i want everyone to feel comfortable reading my blog… i want to convey respect, equality, hope, love. yes, i believe in certain things & i work in a church, but my biggest belief is love. i am honored and humbled every time i receive a message from someone, who connects with me because of our mutual desire to seek love, to listen to our souls, and to search for the inspiration to live our lives authentically. as i said before, we are truly all one. why focus on the little details that are different instead of building on that which brings us together? and if my blog inspires just one person, then i feel overwhelmed and overjoyed. so, i am honored to accept this award, which means so much to me.

now, down to business. with this award come a few responsibilities.

1. thank the blogger who nominated you for the award

natalie, thank you for your nomination. i have truly enjoyed being in contact with you, having little conversations through comments. you inspire me to think, to be open, to remember my voice & who i am,  and at the same time, listen carefully to the words of people around me. i love reading your reflections and thoughts on life. thank you for thinking of me, but more importantly, thank you for sharing your voice as you seek to live life to the fullest.

2. share 7 things about yourself

  • i am the world’s biggest procrastinator. to the point that the one who lives with me might go crazy. love you, lina.
  • i have always secretly wanted to be an actor. not to be famous, but to stand on stage & perform night after night.
  • i think i’ll explore the possibility of going to china within the next 15 months – thanks to a friend who will live there for a year.
  • i’m an apple product junkie.
  • music evokes such strong emotions & memories in me. all kinds of music. all kinds of memories & emotions.
  • bliss is my word of the year.
  • i love travel sooooo much (not a new revelation for most of you), but when home, i am a homebody… a lover intimate, quiet evenings with a few friends or with just my family. i’m a lover of coziness, candles, wine, calm music or movies.

3. nominate 7 bloggers for the award.

  • moments of mezz : mezz shares her life through her writing & her amazing photos. whenever i need to remember that life is good, i surf on over to her. she will lift your spirits!
  • the lesbian next door  : i am inspired by this blogger’s short stories and stories of life. she is fun to read and reminds me how ordinary life can be (and is) extraordinary. it’s just fun connecting with her! i feel a kindred spirit – a 30 something woman married to a woman. 🙂
  • something swedish : this chick is a fellow american living in sweden. she inspires me to remember the joy of my life  in sweden, as she writes about her experiences discovering her place in a new (and sometimes strange & different, but amazing & beautiful) country.
  • fat mum slim : to being with, this australian blogger has a visually inspiring blog. she is very “successful” in her blogging work, but she is also so down-to-earth, sharing stories from her life & inspiring others to let their creative sides flow.
  • nicibici : my dear friend who has just started her blog. seriously, just started it. but, she is an inspiring person in my life, so i am anticipating with excitement her presence in the blogging world. plus, i can keep up with her. she’s a fellow chick who fell in love, left her home country, and moved to a new one to live together with her love.

now, off to balance my life a little & meet some co-workers & my love for lunch! have a fabulous tuesday!

inspiration & peace.

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  1. Very honoured you nominated me for the award after just 1 post. It’s certainly an energy boost to keep on writing. Thx also for your lovely comment. I’m taking all your tips to heart. X

  2. I’m so honored that you nominated me 🙂 I have enjoyed reading along with your journey. I respect you so much for not forcing your beliefs on everyone, and truly hearing people.

  3. Liz, this is such a nice surprise! I’m very honored you nominated me, I definitely wasn’t expecting it. You definitely deserved it. (: Your outlook on life, your ability to see all the good things in life, your amazing capacity to love and share and enjoy life without restraint.. you are very inspiring. Every time I read your post for the day, or read old posts, or any of your pages, it’s like a breath of fresh air. I’m so happy I stumbled across your corner of the blogosphere. You inspire me everyday and for that I thank you.

    And I’m so glad you saw something in my posts that you like! I hope I continue doing so. (: You inspire me to become a better person and blogger. <3

    1. heather, you are so kind. it means a lot to me to hear those words from you. and you are truly an inspiring blogger in your own right. that’s the beauty of the log world… everyone has a chance to share their own voice – and we all get the honor of listening to each other. keep blogging, & i’ll keep reading! 🙂

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