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  • in the wild

    photo a day is here!

    ladies & gentlemen, photo a day july is back! time to catch up on all the challenge photos from the past 7 days. of course, there’s a little bit of a camp theme, since…

    14 Jul 2012
  • in the wild

    inspired by the rain.

    like the song by the carpenters says: “rainy days & mondays always get me down.” well, usually. but not today. today, the rain is cozy. the wind is crazy. and i’m safe inside. enjoying…

    25 Jun 2012
  • be

    robert frost on monday morning.

    the dreary november days continue. it’s monday morning, and  i’m searching for energy. i made the bed, but i want to unmake it and crawl back in. it turns out that the more people…

    21 Nov 2011
  • greece life

    födelsedagsfika. (birthday fika).

    it’s a chilly, gray sunday afternoon. i’m home, under a blanket, and just about to begin cleaning the apartment. my love is at a meeting in stockholm today and i had work at the…

    18 Sep 2011
  • be

    take a little time.

    i have written the first page of my book. it may not seem like a lot, but if you’re like me, then you know the overwhelming feeling of just starting something. after you begin,…

    4 Aug 2011