playing tour guide in uppsala

happy friday, everyone! i’ve been super busy the past 2 days + i just thought i’d say hello and wish you all a great weekend. lina and i are entertaining our first visitors this week! woo hoo! our american friend, who lives in sweden in the town where we used to live, came to visit us for a few days – and she brought her teenage daughter. so, it’s been a foursome of girl fun since wenesday. yippee. of course, lina’s had to work through it all some. but, we’ve definitely squeezed in some shopping, sightseeing, fikas, and dinners out all together.

everything got started off on a great foot because our friend arrived at the train station with a bottle of champagne for us! needless to say, we cracked that baby open later on that night and started all of the chatting, laughing, and general american craziness that always happens when we are together. and pretty much that hasn’t stopped since the champagne.



i’m just about to head out for another fika date and some more sightseeing, before we meet up with lina this evening for one last night together! happy happy weekend, folks!

onwards + upwards!

2 thoughts on “playing tour guide in uppsala

  1. While I miss seeing your daily blog I’m happy to see you are busy getting out, enjoying your company and settling in to your new surroundings. Love the contrast of buildings in your picture, very old traditional right next door to modern. Must admit I like the old better 🙂

    1. I agree! The old architecture is much more beautiful. And, no worries! We are moving to our new apartment in 3 weeks – then we will have access to Internet all of the time. So, daily posts will return!

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