project 30: a guest post on kate’s beautiful blog

my blogging + instagram buddy kate, from 365til30, has a fabulously inspiring blog series called “project 30”. it’s a little q + a with different women in their 30s.

last week i got an unexpected email from kate asking me if i wanted to be a part of the series and do one of her little “interviews”! how fun is that?! i was so happily surprised + completely honored. but, i was a bit worried. i’m not really in my 30s anymore…


so, i emailed kate back and said that i’ve love to be a part of her series, but i warned her that i am over the “age limit”. she totally didn’t care about that, and invited to to share my thoughts anyway, which just touched my soul to the core.

well, friends, here’s the link to kate’s blog, where you can read my interview and all of the “wisdom” and thoughts that i have about life as a 20 something + life as a  30 something, from the perspective of a 40 year old. hehe.


<<  click here (or below) to read my interview  >>


and, a great big thanks again to kate for inviting me to be a part of her project 30 interviews! i am so overwhelmed + honored to be in such great company of some very inspiring women!

onwards + upwards! xoxo

// find kate’s blog here //

6 thoughts on “project 30: a guest post on kate’s beautiful blog

  1. YAY just read this, it’s so great. Thanks for sharing all your old lady wisdom ;). KIDDDINGGG! But really, YAY it is fab.

    1. HAHA!! Thanks for reading! I mean, you know, when you’ve got the wisdom, ya gotta share it. 😉 Yippee for new blogging buddies!

  2. Beautiful. I’m almost 49 and I feel like I’m re-starting my life, dreaming again, entirely new and at the same time ageless dreams. It’s really wonderful. Love your interview and look forward to your book.

    1. New + ageless dreams… I totally get that. Thanks so much for reading, love! Hope life is treating you well right now. xo

  3. Wonderful interview liz! i find it bizarre to think of you married previously to a man, and i obviously never realised for so long!

    1. And I find it strange too! It was a completely different life, one that I remember, but one that makes me feel like I am floating outside of my body + watching a movie of someone else’s life, even though they are my own memories. Sooooo strange. Thanks for reading! xoxo

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