the colors of my day.

it’s late afternoon and the candles around me, the coffee warming me, the raindrops dripping down my windows, and the music playing in the background are all creating a warm, inspiring, calm feeling inside me. it’s almost a perfect afternoon. (lina is at work. if she was home, things would be absolutely perfect). but, in any case, this day has been good for my soul. it feels as if everything has been slow, calm, and almost floaty. a little bit dreamy and surreal. perhaps it is just my imagination, or my mood. or perhaps it really is that way for me today. everything i see is light brown, beige, light pink, golden, kind of vintage and soft. warm & glowing. i see the colors with my eyes, but it comes from deep within me. these are the colors of my soul. whatever i am seeing and feeling is a gift.

and i’m going to use the gift of today to write…

 i love my early morning coffee.

the book i’m reading now, thanks to a friend loaning it to me… it’s good, so far!

rain. rain. rain.

writing & reading. thinking & reflecting.

yes. i am going to write on my book. finally.

update: after i posted this, and as i have been writing, something amazing has happened. everything, and i mean everything, has turned golden, pink-ish orange outside. it is beautiful. it is amazing. it is the colors from my soul all around me…. from within me, out and from outside me, in. i cannot take a picture of the sky and capture what i see. i cannot describe it in words. but, just know. it is perfectly perfect. (and now my love is home too)

may peace, calmness, and warmth surround you.

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  1. I love reading your words. I love being inspired by them. I love being a small part of your love story (after all it started-ish in my country). I love sharing similar experiences by being a foreigner to the country I live in. And last but not least I love you both very much and I love the fact that you’re here in a week!! Massor av kramar

    1. Nicole, you make me smile soooo big! I am so glad, too, that our crazy lives crossed paths so that we could share a friendship and be part of each others’ lives. You are a special, special friend to us both. (and yes, you are part of our love story… big time!) Love you, my dear! xo

  2. Take a picture of your sky for your memory and keep it close to your heart! Good luck on your book! I want to write a book myself, about New York and my time here, so far I have written ten pages but stopped in July… :-S Should get back on that track, I know! Be more productive than I am, my dear!

    1. It was beautiful, Laura. And the amazing thing is, that this morning’s sunrise is just as lovely. gaahh. sometimes i can’t believe the beauty that i see! thanks for wishing me luck on my book, actually i really got some writing done! too bad i’ve gotta work all day today, i feel like i’m in the writing groove right now. 🙂 you should definitely continue with your book! i would be so interested – seeing as i love NYC & i am an american (i’d love to read about your experiences). i’m doing the exact opposite… an american living in sweden & writing a book. kindred spirits? hehe. but, it’s hard. long long long periods go by when i can’t write anything. then, there comes a period when i can! so yes, i’m gonna soak that up. good luck to you, too! when the time is right, the words will come out.

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