Reasons why I didn’t take my computer on vacation

It should be obvious why I didn’t bring my computer on vacation with me. Right? I mean, duh. I’m not working. So why would I cart around my MacBook with me?

But, I’m a blogger. A not so regular blogger these past few months, but, nevertheless, I still call myself a blogger. And, as a blogger, who loooooves to blog, being in vacation gives me tons of downtime to catch up, plan, and enjoy creating posts. It’s the one time I don’t have to worry about work or being tired, and the inspiration is freaking flowing when I’m off and out + about.

This summer vacation, however, I chose to leave the computer at home. I don’t think I’ve obsessed about blogging in the past on vacations, but this year I wanted to really slow down + disconnect. I didn’t want any pressures to do anything. I just wanted to create photos, texts, and write down my thoughts when, and if, I felt the muse.

Like this morning.

I’m typing this little mid-month post on my phone, just because I thought of all of you out there + I thought I’d let you know that I intentionally stepped away from my computer (and hence blogging) during my vacay. I realized that I never really communicated that here on the blog. So, I thought I’d just pop in + let you know. Plus… it’s a reason to share some photos with you. Hehe!

And the photos are the real reason, the proof, as to why I’ve gone offline during the summer. I want to fully, wholly soak up the moments. To be honest, I’m not even taking as many photos as I usually do. And, when I do, I’m only using my iPhone.

So, being present, truly present, is what this summer is all about for me. And, so far, it’s been magical.

And now… drum roll please… here are my reasons (so far) for not bringing my computer on vacation:

Yes, it’s been a lot of food, beer, and people. But, that’s what coming home is all about, isn’t it?

I hope that you’re having a beautiful summer/winter too, lovelies. I’m sending you all of the peace + light + warmth that I’m soaking up. I’ll be back in touch with you soon… until then, blessings, wild souls.

xoxo. liz.

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2 thoughts on “Reasons why I didn’t take my computer on vacation

    1. Hello, lovely! I hope that your summer has been warm + beautiful. I know there’ve been some changes + new things in your life… so exciting! I can’t wait to catch up with you – and get back to blogging myself now that I am back home. Sending you love + light.xoxo

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