remember this as you begin your week.

yes. i hibernated this weekend. yes, it was amazing & much-needed. and yes, secretly, deep-down inside, i want to keep hibernating… drinking coffee, writing, reading, being. i confess that to you.

but, that’s not what’s in store for me today. nope. i’m back at work with my moleskine favorites: a simple black journal & a little red january calendar! of course this year will bring me some more opportunities to snuggle in & hibernate, but also more opportunities to grow, learn, experience, meet, challenge, think, do, travel, teach, learn, stretch, fail, succeed, dream, hope, walk, share, talk, cry, laugh, shout, dance, pray, and so much more. it will be good, bad, ugly, beautiful, mind-blowing, painful, disappointing, and amazing. i can’t even imagine what life will unfold for me during this year…

but, i can’t wait to find out, and i truly believe this:

happy first week of 2012! now, get out there & live life!


0 thoughts on “remember this as you begin your week.

  1. And a Happy New Day, Week, Year, Life to you, my dear,

    I have just awoken from my hiberantion, and how ironic that when I say ‘awake’ what I actually mean ‘fly back to a colder country’ – if I was a bear I would be the laughingh stock of the Bear World.

    Pip pip,

    ~ The Dippylomat esq.

    1. My dear sir,

      It seems that you are coming back to a land where coldness is beginning to settle in, as there is snow in the forecast here for the next few days. WHo knows how much, but pack your clothes for bundling up & be prepared! Happy New Year!

  2. HAH! You’re one step ahead of me! I have yet to by a “red” calendar… or a calendar of any sorts! 😉 Happy New Year to you, too!

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