saturday night… the best i can do.

it’s saturday night. the apartment is now cleaned and i am sitting under my blanket, candles are lit, the cat is purring beside me, and i’m ready for a cozy night at home. it’s feeling pretty cozy, but my love is working so it’s not perfect. have i ever mentioned how much i hate our work schedules? ugh. i work every friday (one at the church, then the next at my internship with my love). lina works every other sat. night and i work every sunday morning. then it’s crazy all over the place from monday – thursday. yuck. basically we have one day off with each other every other week. anyway, i’m doing my best to have a cozy saturday night on my own…

zola. enjoying her saturday night.

i’m doing a little planning for next weekend. it’s gonna be fantastic! thanksgiving is on thursday, but nothing’s happening here in sweden (duh. no thanksgiving here), but we are going to celebrate t-giving anyway – next saturday, with a traditional dinner! i can’t wait to sink my teeth into all my holiday favorites! and as soon as the turkey & trimmings have been eaten, the pies & coffee have been devoured, and the wine & lördagsmys (cozy saturday) snacks have been put out, we are decorating for advent/christmas!!! no christmas tree yet (we’re gonna wait till closer to christmas eve), but there will be advent lights in the windows (a special swedish tradition), christmas curtains hanging in the kitchen, and red candles everywhere! we bought some decorations from my one of my favorite stores, indiska, so the apartment is gonna be a little indian-inspired (as in from india) this holiday season. i’m really diggin’ the funky, bohemian, indian-inspired style lately. it’s eclectic. spiritual. relaxed. it’s gonna be a big, big, big weekend with tons of reasons to celebrate and even better… time to officially ring in the holiday season! (at least that’s how i see it).

 our thanksgiving celebration.. happening soon!

happy saturday night. peace. ♥.

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  1. Art and I also have very different work schedules. His involves staying overnight two nights in a row, and leaving Saturday afternoon or evening so he is in place for Sunday. Gets home too late for lunch together after church….I have a Sunday evening (including supper) commitment. Hopefully all our years of sharing 3-squares-a-day will get us through this stage of feeling like ships passing in the night.

    1. Yes, Barb, life goes in stages like that, doesn’t it? I know that it won’t be this way forever, still it’s not easy. I hope that you & Art find some time to be together even in the middle of all of your crazy busyness. And I hope that the holidays bring you some extra moments to really relax & enjoy each other!

  2. I am not so optimistic about the holidays allowing us more time together (especially not Christmas) as he has Christmas Eve and Christmas morning worship services an hour away. I could join him if I slept on the sofa and skipped my own church’s services…The parsonage has a severe lack of hominess, and the only bed is a twin bed.

  3. I am in the States but it looks like there won’t be any thanksgiving for me this year. At lest not in the sense of a dinner. Moving time, once again! 🙂 So how bizarre is it that you get to plan your huge festive meal in SWEDEN while a lonely German-American will unpack her boxes in the Slope… I ll hopefully will be partaking in Black Friday though, hope to find some good deals on shoes and clothing. NY might be the right citay for this, no?! 😉

    1. Yes, it is crazy to celebrate Thanksgiving here, but it’s fun to invite people to dinner who know nothing about it! But, I miss the whole Thanksgiving culture thing that takes place this week in the States… including Black Friday, of course! Wishing you great shopping luck & a great time getting settled in to your new place! Exciting! I am so freaking jealous that you live in NYC. One day… maybe! 🙂

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