sensory overload: holiday festivities!

well, this past week i have engaged in some seriously serious decking the halls and such. and before i know it, we are even closer to christmas and the new year. it’s been amazing having my love at home with me and enjoying some time together – without stress and crazy schedules. in fact, last week we found a way to eat dinner out/celebrate every single evening. yes, it was a fun, fun week filed with new traditions and old.

a quiet, cold wintery morning. it’s always great to spend a few moments outside, enjoying a bit of solitude.


christmas shopping!!IMG_6603 IMG_6683


a new fika meet up record! 13 people meeting together!IMG_6650

after an amazing dinner at nine mile in montford park, my brother, my love & i went to a cozy, waaaaay off-broadway performance of charles dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. IMG_6669

an afternoon of writing and sipping chai at home.

ready for our first annual eat, drink, & be merry party!IMG_6675 DSC_0998 DSC_1001 DSC_1007 DSC_1004 DSC_1008

still loving all the cozy decorations in our home.IMG_6686

our guest bed is all ready for my parents to come for a few days.IMG_6691

a sunday visit to the famous grove park inn to look at the gingerbread house winners & just soak up the festive decorations in the amazing place.IMG_6713 IMG_6728 IMG_6745 IMG_6738

happy third of advent! only one more candle to go!IMG_6698

seeing: the stage performance of one of my favorite christmas stories: a christmas carol. thirteen new friends at our fika meet up!

hearing: laughter and amazing conversation at our eat, drink, & be merry party. it was so much fun to connect with new friends and reconnect with old ones – and playing hilarious, crazy games together was wonderful.

tasting: delicious punch at a christmas party saturday night – we were invited to a part at my former co-worker’s home, and they had tons of yummies, laughter, and some amazing “adult” punch to share with their guests. i was so honored that she thought to invite me & lina.

touching: the cold, winter air on my skin…. freezing and yet, crisp and invigorating.

smelling: appetizers & goodies baking in our home as we prepared for our holiday party.

feeling: you know, there are just some people in your life that are good for your soul. on friday night, in my home, i had two of those friends here with me. to have a chance to talk with them, to catch up with them, even for just a little bit, was such a great gift. we have been friends for almost 22 years, something that does not happen very often in my transient life. having a few hours to be in their amazing presence and do some soul-talking with them was exactly what i needed at that time. i am ever so grateful for them taking the time to come to our party.

how are your holiday activities going? can you believe it’s only 9 days until santa comes?! i hope that you are finding some peace and quiet during this season as well.

sending love & peace. xx.

0 thoughts on “sensory overload: holiday festivities!

    1. Thanks, V! Yes, I am enjoying it very much. Hope your holiday is beautiful, peaceful, and fun! xx

  1. Amazing pics, and your party pics are gorgeous!
    Our side of the pond, I’m feeling rather unfestive, despite a very christmasy weekend and decorations everywhere… think I’m just looking forward to complete close up and will get festive from 1pm on xmas eve! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Holly. Oh, I do wish that the festive spirit takes you over once you have some time off. It did look like you had some fun last weekend. 😉 Sending you tidings of comfort & joy! xo

  2. The party layout looks delish Liz. We lived in Asheville for 6 months, and managed to attend the gingerbread house competition at the Grove Park Inn. It was a hoot. And I absolutely love the lobby there at Christmas time. We had a bit of R&R time in the rockers before the huge fire. Happy Holidays. ~James

    1. Isn’t the Grove Park Inn just the greatest, most grandest holiday place? I just love walking through there just to see all of the decorations. Happy Holidays to y’all!!

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